Tuesday, January 12, 2010


~the WDW Princess 1/2 marathon is just around the corner and I'm happy to report that my travel details are just about finalized.

~it was all sort of in the air as to WHO was going with me, if anyone. once reality hit me in the face (hard) and I concluded that O is not capable (or willing) to be at home alone OVERNIGHT with E, that left me NO choice but to take E with me...which is perfectly fine with me...except then SOMEONE else needs to come along to watch him during the race. I was hoping my mom's husband would grant her "permission" to go or worse case scenario, she would offer to keep E at her house while I went alone...well, I'm so excited that mom, me and E are all traveling to Orlando in March! Hooray!!

~pretty excited to have a mom and daughter trip that is long overdue, and with the little man in tow it will make be that much MORE fun, especially at WDW. So So So excited!!

~mom even offered to drive, which would be awesome as it would keep the cost MUCH lower and adds the lovely component of flexibility with having our own vehicle down there.

~one hitch...i have only reserved the hotel for TWO nights, now we need more nights. hopefully there is availability one night prior and 1-2 nights post-race. mom will call to find out for me since I can't (shouldn't) call long distance from work. (why doesn't Disney have a 1-800 for these things???)

~we did look at Allegiant Air as they fly direct from TYS to MCO but I think we both agree we'd rather drive, for above mentioned reasons, although in the future, Allegiant has direct and CHEAP flights to MCO...like weekend-getaway cheap!!! Hi Dawn!

~i was craving red velvet cake last night. O said he'd go get some for me. he lied. now i'm a PMSing, sweet-craving-bitch. yay me.

~i sewed a cute little potholder last night. i decided that it looked better w/o the quilting. now i'm sad. it stinks when you only have time to sew a small item & then it doesn't turn out to your liking. just saying. i wonder if I'll EVER get good enough to sell anything I make. it seems things start out looking good and inevitably i ruin them somehow.

~i don't care for my 1st quilt as much as initially did. cannot wait to get quilt #2 finished because I think I'll like it much better. I'm thinking that I will put quilt #3 in my Etsy shop once it's completed (as long as I don't ruin it). Quilt #4 has been a bit of a thorn in my side....due to a drastic cutting error i made after enjoying a nice long day of sewing on Saturday. I spent 1/2 of Sunday making the repairs and it should turn out ok in the end...i hope.

~finishing all of these quilts is on hold because i'm in need of batting (for the inside) as well as fabric for the backs of #3 and #4....

~on the bright side, i did somewhat successfully manage to make a pincushion a few days ago.

~on Thursday I begin my Practicum at a local high school. i will be working with the freshmen students and also working with a former fellow classmate...she didn't take 1.5 yrs off of school (to have a baby) like I did, so she's graduated and has been working almost 2 years now. I will be working at the high school all day on Thursdays and 1/2 the day on Fridays for the semester.

~when I finish this semester, I will only have my Internship left to complete...while that sounds like I'm nearly done...sadly, it will take me another FULL school year to complete since I cannot do Internship over the Summer as there is NO (public) school in session over the Summer. :(

~there actually is one school district that is in session the full year. i'm going to inquire about possibly doing my first 1/2 of Internship there over the Summer, but I'm pretty sure it's not an option as I don't believe the university works with said school district or even offers internship over the Summer...i figure it's worth asking about though.

~since I'm pretty sure I want to work in an elementary school once I finish this long-drawn-out-masters-degree, that is where I will do my internship in order to gain the most experience at the age/grade level that I eventually hope to work in. :)

~i'm considering joining a local MOPS group (Moms of PreSchoolers)...another girl in the office belongs to one and while they are typically hosted at churches (this IS the Bible Belt after all)...the level of "preaching" varies at each location...so the next meeting is this Thursday and I can take E with me and the kids get to play together and do activities. I'm a bit hesitant to go at all...I want to have some other social outlets, but then I get lazy and think I'd rather just go home and veg out (or sew)...it's from 6pm-7:45pm. I think I need to give it at least ONE chance and see what happens...but if they get all crazy-preachy on me, we won't be returning. Has anyone else ever belonged to one of these outfits? Thoughts?

~i'm slightly bummed at yesterdays WW results...only lost 1/2 pound...how does that happen? I had a stomach virus on Wednesday which resulted in major pukage and the lack of desire to eat for the next day and a half and then still a lack of appetite at present...the way I see it is my body sort of shut down on me...and held on to what was left inside...i didn't even consume my full daily allotment of WW points since pre-Wednesday and well, that NEVER happens...regardless of all that, my total loss is 14.2lbs since November 9...so 8 weeks. I'm pretty happy with that and my goal for next week is .8 lbs so I can hit the 15lb mark! Hooray!!


M.J. said...

You are an awfully accommodating person. If my husband and baby's-dad claimed he couldn't manage the kid alone for one stinking weekend, heads would roll.

K13 said...

MJ-in all honesty, i'd like to shoot my husband for being such a useless ass, but since I can't do that, my stress level stays lower if I just take E with me...and we'll have a great time without O, that's for certain!

Rachel said...

I saw that on Twitter about the Red Velvet cupcake! Such a bummer. They are SO good!

emilysuze said...

sounds like you'll be having a fun weekend at wdw. (i'm on a school computer and the shift key doesn't work, so no capitalization for me)and i love quilt no.1. you have such a good eye for funky fabrics that go great together.

congrats on the ww. i'm thinking that i've got to just bite the bullet and start going back to meetings. this bs of doing it on my own has been useless. then again, it might also be the husband who totally derails my healthy eating. i'm starting to think he likes me chubby. :(

Nichole M said...

I'm so excited for you going to WDW! Running a half marathon, meeting Dawn (and other bloggers?) and romping through the parks... sounds perfect!

Well, maybe except the running part. But I'm with you on the rest!

Anonymous said...

What is O's problem. He wants to watch tv? He wants to have a good night's sleep and NOT sleep with E? He's a turd (the easy catchall, I know!).

You're probably right about the lower loss this week. Your body hung on to what it had, and it was probably coupled with a little bit of natural slow down since you have done so great so far.

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. So how long are you actually going to be here??

2. Cheap flights to MCO?? Just let me know when to pick you up. ;-)

3. I am *so* excited! 49 days!