Tuesday, January 19, 2010

karma is kicking my butt

~seriously, somewhere along the line I must have really pissed off the karma gods because i'm getting some sort of payback already this semester. i really don't know what i did to deserve this...i really do try to be quite cautious and aware of the ol' karma payback...

~example #1: paired with 1 of 2 most annoying classmates for presentation project. after class last week, she looks at me and says "are you ok with presentations?" as if i'd never done one before. oh, did i mention she is at least 10 yrs younger than me? that might explain her question. i think next time I may have to respond in a rude, yet obvious way so that people quit asking me such rude & stupid questions. really?!?!

~example #2: remember the OVER-SHARER from that class I took last Summer? Guess who sat in front of me in class last Wednesday night resulting in working together to do a little in class task and then to make me even happier...i got paired with her to do a fairly large project. I'm on a roll...lucky me!!

~example #3: the textbook situation I mentioned last week (i think i mentioned it here, but may have been only on Twitter). luckily I was able to sell the book and recoup my losses...however, my friend here in the office told me she would loan me TWO of her books which saves me forking out about $100 (yay!)...the karma...she has forgotten to bring them in TWICE now and well, I have class tomorrow night and clearly won't be able to get any reading done.

~example #4: the 3rd textbook I need for this semester was $13 cheaper on Amazon than our school bookstore, so I ordered it last week...a bit late, however Amazon has NEVER let me down with their expeditious shipping -orders arriving WAY sooner than expected- til now!!!! Of course, ONE time when I need the book ASAP, it's taking forever. I didn't even get the email notification for 2-3 days post placing the order that it was shipping out.

~example #5: excess financial aid is deposited tomorrow. guess who forgot when she closed her Texas bank account two months ago that the financial aid is routed for THAT account. I submitted the account change today but it will be another week until the funds are returned to the university and then issued out to me. Of course this only happens when I REALLY need the $$. Yay me!!

Ahhhh...really loving life right now...can't you see why!?!?!


Loredana said...

It's like a domino effect...one goes down and the rest will fall.

Hope you have a better next week!

Beth said...

Dang girl! You are on a roll.

It has to get better from here.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. All of those are quite annoying. Why would someone younger than you question your ability to give a presentation? Silly people.

(side note: love your running avatar. The sunglasses are a fantatsic touch!)

Hope the semester gets better for you one way or another!