Monday, January 11, 2010


~you may be shocked to know this but while I'm not a big fan of Mondays, they have not plagued me throughout life as being the awful day they are typically known to be.

~2010 is changing that. Today is my 2nd crappy Monday of 2010. I'm batting 1000 here...which in this case is NOT good.

~last Monday had multiple issues, thankfully none of which I can remember in detail now, but I do recall it being a particularly bad day.

~today...let's see...

~found out that my professor told me to buy the WRONG book for her class...that cost me $73 and now I'm stuck with trying to RE-sell it on-line (bought it used) and hoping I get my money back.

~discovered I need THREE books this semester...two for above mentioned class with above mentioned professor...oh and the most hysterical of the books I actually DO need for this class...was written by HER!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh!! I will say that I was warned of her flakiness and I guess I'm seeing that already.

~i ordered the other book on-line and of course will not have it by Wednesday when classes start!!

~a couple wks ago I ordered some cute fabric to finish a quilt. well the fabric arrived but was not what it appeared and so I want to return (Etsy Seller). I was going to exchange it for other patterns 'til she told me she couldn't pay the shipping, so I'd have to pay BOTH the return shipping for what I have PLUS the shipping of the new product. I don't think so. Instead, I'll just return what I have and be done with her.


KenV (frmrly 3GK) said...

Professors making you buy their books for their class has got to be one of the most obnoxious, self-serving, blatantly prideful practices on the face of the planet.

Grrrrr!!! Gets me riled up just thinking about it.

One good thing about Mondays; (for me anyway) time tends to pass more quickly.

emilysuze said...


1) You'd think a professor would remember her own book.

2) Having your own business generally means bending over backwards for your customers so that you can build up repeat business. She sucks.

Beth said...

At least tomorrow is Tuesday! :)

I don't miss going to college... AT ALL! There are many, many flaky professors.

Moonjava said...

Don't you have a certain number of days (our uni gives us up until the drop add deadline) to return books for full price?

Cause that's definitely not fair...and it's not your fault!

K13 said...

Emily: and just to think, i have to deal with this prof for this class AND internship next Fall! Eeeks!!

Beth: thank goodness Monday is over.

Moonjava: I bought the book used from so there's really no returning it was much cheaper than the bookstore, but that's sort of a moot point now, huh?

Secret Sylvia said...

ewww...I hate it when professors make mistakes like that! It's just so irresponsible. I once had a professor who required a new edition of a book for her class, but she, herself, refused to buy the new edition. She was always giving us wrong page numbers and even assigning readings that weren't in our books. When I e-mailed her about a particular reading that wasn't in there, she responded I wasn't looking hard enough. Turns out, nobody could find it because it wasn't there. Grrr...!

lindsay said...

ugh i hated buying books period. seems like such a waste! some classes you barely even touch the book... so why did i spend $90 on it? blah.

positive thinking girl!