Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

In an effort to curb the negativity & complaining that often plagues my blog...here I present another episode of "the good, the bad & the ugly"...

Good: I picked up my financial aid check today! Woot!!
Bad: I could have picked it up yesterday.
Ugly: My coworker would not cover my last 30 minutes of walk-in hours yesterday so I could get to the Bursar's office before they closed at 4:30pm.

Good: I was selected as an yearly-review evaluator for above mentioned co-worker. Hello Karma!
Bad: My Monday went from mediocre to total crap in less than 1 hour.
Ugly: The idiot drivers on the highway & my slight weight gain of .4lbs sent me over the edge into a completely pissy mood.

Good: the campus library offers 1 hr Photoshop classes every semester & I signed up. Yay!
Bad: They are offered during my walk-in hours.
Ugly: Supervisor alluded to the fact that she didn't want me to miss walk-in hours because then SHE would have to do them...so no personal development for me. thank.you.very.much. I have conceded that I will NEVER know alot about Photoshop...I don't learn well by reading books/manuals & self teaching...heck a few years ago I did an on-line course and that was a disaster. I was hoping to learn it more from a graphic design perspective, not just touching up photos..alas, that will not happen. Not being able to take these classes was a contributing component to my completely crappy Monday.

Good: We are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight...to celebrate receiving my financial aid check. Tee! I may have to consume some alcohol...but probably won't.
Bad: I will probably consume too many points at dinner tonight.
Ugly: Right now, I don't give a hoot.

Good: After dinner, we will proceed to Bath & Body Works at the mall so I can get a ScentBug, which is just about the cutest little air freshener thingee to ever exist. I need it for my office. There are some stinky college kids.
Bad: After B&BW there will be no more "fun" shopping...back to reality, which sucks right now.
Ugly: psycho-classmate left me with the duty of getting candy/treats for our presentation tomorrow night..we are playing Jeopardy & need "prizes"...she must think I'm made of money. She also left me with making the necessary copies for handouts.

Good: I am no longer meeting with psycho-classmate today to review our presentation for tomorrow night's class.
Bad: After more than 20 emails since Saturday, she came to the realization that we indeed did NOT need to meet.
Ugly: I hope she doesn't have a nervous breakdown during the presentation tomorrow, based on her emails, that is a great possibility. honest. she's flippin' nuts.

Good: I made the cutest little mini album over the weekend & plan to use it for pictures of E of course. You can see it here.
Bad: I don't have as much time to scrapbook as I would like.
Ugly: I haven't sewn a single thing in about two weeks now. *sad sad face*


Anonymous said...

Is this the same classmate who asked if you'd done presentations before?

Is the Photoshop class a series or a one time thing? If it's the latter your supervisor sucks!

K13 said...

Amy: yep, that would be the SAME classmate! Lucky me!!

And YEP again...one time thing with the PS courses...well, they are offered again in March, BUT at the same flippin' time so there'll be no taking them then either. Double Lucky Me!

Rachel said...

Heck yeah for karma!! :)

emilysuze said...

Karma rocks and so does the Texas Roadhouse. Yum. :)