Friday, March 19, 2010

attempt to be positive

~i'm quickly knocking out the hour requirements for my practicum.

~after next week, I'll have a week of reprieve from the HS as it will be their Spring Break!! Yay!

~only 4 more weeks left of working at the high school. i enjoy it, but I'm REALLY ready to be done.

~we are going to VA for Easter weekend (dad too!) to relax and do nothing out in the country. the country is not my ideal setting long term, but a weekend there does wonders....there's nothing to do, but i'm never bored. looking forward to hanging out with my 'sister'

~i put a TON of E's old clothes & toys in a consignment sale this weekend. hoping for a windfall. hee.

~it's FINALLY Friday!!!

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Ahhh, Friday. At least this weekend stands a good chance of being better for me than the last one. I hope.