Tuesday, March 09, 2010

WDW Princess 1/2 Recap

~I have not been able to download my pictures yet, but here is a brief review of the race...hoping to post pictures later tonight.

~The short story: I met my time goal, finished the 13.1 miles and I avoided the "van of doom"...the one that picks you up if you fall behind a 16/min mile pace. Phew!!

~I got about 4 hrs of sleep the night before the race & was fighting off some intense nerves which caused me to have a super upset tummy.all.night.long. and then I woke 30 minutes before the alarm...ugh. A rough start.

~I met Meghan, Jessica, and Beth in the lobby at absolutely insane hour of 3:30am to head to the race start. We waited around some, used the porta-potties some, froze some, checked our gear, headed to our corral, froze some more, peed in the bushes (where I got burrs all over the back of my shirt) and then finally started our race.

~Meghan, Beth, Page (Beth's friend) and I were all in Corral E and started at 6:28am...after being "in process" for 3 hours...

~Meghan and I ran the first 9 or so miles together doing 5/1 intervals after running the entire first mile. <---we were desperate to avoid the "van of doom"...at about the 9 mile mark I could not continue with Meghan as I needed more recovery time...she kept going and I lagged behind with a bit more walking, although not too much more. In the end, I finished 6 minutes after her.

~At every mile mark, there was a princess-theme billboard w/time clock and music. There were tons of characters along the way as well and while we thought we would stop for pictures, we quickly changed our mind when we saw the crazy long lines.

~I realized how much I like the song "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler :) Really though, it has got to be THE perfect "make-you-want-to-run" song. Or maybe it was just that it was playing as I passed the Disney float thingee with 5 Disney Princes on it...i dunno, let's just say it was the song.

~My goal was to finish under 3 hours and I (barely) did just that... 2:58:26 was my finish time. I'm already thinking that's not good enough and want to improve it...I'm sure these feelings will fade in a couple of days. LOL!!

~I would love to do the Princess 1/2 again next year and I'm making tentative plans (in my head)...so now it's just a matter of the stars aligning correctly, i.e. date/timing.

~I took a bunch of pictures. I haven't totaled them up yet, but I will do that tonight and post the winner.

~Oh and I'm still putting together that "pictures of my home" post...hoping to finish that and post this week too.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal time and avoiding the "van of doom" - that's funny!

It sounds like you have a great time and look forward to seeing some photos.

Megan said...

Congratulations!!! I was so looking forward to this post!!!

My time improved by 14 minutes from my first 1/2 marathon to my second. Keep on running and you'll see your time really decrease!

Am very proud of you. 13.1 miles is no small feat!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for time goal and no van of doom. You'll kick ass next year with more time to train AND knowing what to expect.

Karen said...

Great job! Nothing like the fear of the van to keep you going. :)

Hydrant girl said...

Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself

Nichole M said...

Van of Doom?? OMG. That would have been enough to keep me running. Glad you avoided it's clutches and completed your goal of doing the race in under 3 hours!

I'm so amazed...

M.J. said...

Congratulations! I knew you could do it :)

em said...


So proud of you! Between you and Cathy Zielske today I'm thinking I really need to run. ;)

Kristi said...

Congrats Krystyn, that is a big accomplishment!

Rachel said...

So proud of you!! YOU DID IT! :)

Wifey said...

Congratulations! Great recap! I was in corral E, too! Looking forward to next year already.

Winks & Smiles,