Sunday, March 14, 2010


~i'm sitting at SBUX for my regular-Sunday-study-session..except...I'm blogging, not studying...scold me please! I am having a really HARD time focusing. This semester is kicking my butt for some reason...I have a lot to do, but I've had heavier semesters with more work, so not sure why I'm feeling like my head is just barely above water.

~early this a.m. I finally finished transcribing 20 minutes of a counseling session. It took FOREVER and is 7 pages long (single spaced!) Now I have to go through and make comments throughout regarding my responses and how I was feeling during the session in relation to my responses. THEN I have to write a two page paper about the case. I should really be working on that instead of blogging...

~E and I woke up at 8am this morning. I was so excited to see that we slept in an extra hour. Then I remembered that I changed my clock before going to sleep. Darn! No extra sleep for me.

~Oh and I managed to run 4 miles on Friday evening, but have had lower back pain ever since. not good. i've never had back pain after running before. what is going on? my new best friend...ibuprofen.

~Ok I need to stop reminiscing (fondly) of last weekend and how much fun I had and get back to reality...and studying.

~Happy Sunday~~


Anonymous said...

You've totally reached the school wall hard. You're just done and want it to be over, and it could've been over if you didn't take that break when E was born, which I'm sure gets very annoying to think of at times (despite how much fun you had SAHM-ing with E). Just keep plugging!

Megan said...

it's hard to focus on something you don't want to be doing when there's so many fun things out there distracting you!!! hence why i still haven't done my laundry or homework...i'm reading blogs!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

MUAHAHAHAHA. Now that you've had a taste, I will continue trying to convince you to move here. ;-) Phase One: complete.