Tuesday, March 23, 2010

whole bunch of randomness

~i'm submitting my resume & cover letter for the Bilingual Guidance Counselor job today! Eeks!! *crossing fingers*

~i've really been missing the SAHM lifestyle I led almost two years ago now.

~i was browsing my Runner's World magazine and thought how I would like to run the Chicago (hi Em!) 1/2 marathon someday...well, until I saw the required 13 minute/mile you must maintain...I'm not there yet for long races...so maybe next year.

~i rented "Love Happens" on iTunes the other night. Cute movie. I give it 4.5 stars outta 5 if you care. :)

~i have an unsatiated craving for new music. it's been going on for a while. just can't find any to suit my mood or style.

~i wish O and I would have taken advantage of the Disney Give a Day-Get a Day volunteer program....it's over now. A plain ordinary one day ticket costs almost $80!!! It would have been SO worth it!

~my back is playing tricks on me. the lower pain subsided late Saturday and stayed away mostly on Sunday so that I could squeeze in a 3.1 mile run. On Monday it was yelling at me for doing such a silly thing as running. still sore today, but the intensity is less than it was initially. it's almost turning into more of a stiffness issue than sharp pain issue. and I think that's a good thing.

~i wanted to get into the student health center for my back, but that seems to be next to impossible. i'll re-evaluate and try again next week I guess.


~**Dawn**~ said...

The back is a tricky beast. I hope yours gets to feeling better again soon.

AlexyRouse94 said...

Good luck with the job!
Also, what is Love Happens about exactly?
And try Pandora for the music thing

em said...

I'll be here next year! ;)
let me know if you find some good music!

Beth said...

Oh, I hope that back of yours gets in shape soon! I am so sorry that you've been hurting.

Megan said...

i think the Chicago 1/2 is a great goal! I'd like to mix up my races some day, but for now i'm content on the east coast.

Señorita Andalucíana said...

Good Luck with the job :D

And don't worry about that teacher that filled out that mean survey. Some of them are just asses, and she may not have liked the principal and decided to cause the principal a problem.

Oh and try the SHAPE magazine, they usually have a playlist suggestion in a section they call Workout Express.

emilysuze said...

I keep hearing mixed things about "Love Happens" so maybe I'll add it to my Netflix and give it a shot.

Good luck with the job and your back!

JW.BW said...

Im with you on the new music. ive been dying for some and everything on Itunes is so BLAH... let me know if you find something!!! Did you get the books I sent you?