Friday, March 12, 2010

the meltdown

~just to clarify...DisneyWorld is NOT the Happiest Place on Earth it claims to be...just ask E!~yep, that would be him in FULL MELTDOWN MODE while we were in line for Space Mountain. Upon ride entrance, it was posted as a 30 minute wait but turned out to be closer to 45. Regardless, E hit his limit at about the 20 minute mark...and for NO reason at all except that he didn't want to be there anymore...well I take that back...he DID want to be there, right ON the floor. He was COMPLETELY calm while laying on the (nasty, gross, dirty) floor, but when I went to pick him up....the kicking, wiggling & screaming began. And it was ugly. very, very, ugly indeed.

~I'm glad it was dark/dim in there because I was probably turning 47 shades of red from sheer embarrassment & humiliation. The stares from everyone in line were nearly unbearable for me. I'm one who lets what others think really bother me and while I realize I will never see any of those people again, I was still quite upset about the crazy scene that my fabulous son was making!

~Dawn (AKA "the baby whisperer") was waiting in line with us and since she didn't want to ride she was able to take E out of line once we reached the point where the line opens up and allows you to do that...which seemed about 1000 miles away at the time. I have never felt a greater sense of relief in my life once he was out of line & no longer sprawled out on the floor.

Note: I went on this trip to WDW with plans to ride only 2-3 things and instead spend the majority of time on things E would enjoy...and after this experience in line, I really didn't care if I went on another single ride all weekend.

~Thankfully that was the ONLY time he had a full meltdown over the weekend.

~did I mention we are also struggling with him hitting these days? oh TWO is such a lovely age. please note the extreme sarcasm here.

~oh and here's hoping that age 3 is better than 2 as it's official....I'm signing up for the 2011 WDW Princess 1/2!!! Woohoo! Registration begins on May 1, 2010.


Rachel said...

awww poor little guy... more importantly POOR YOU! Glad it was only a quick meltdown. :) AND Yay for next years marathon!!!!

Megan said...

i would have probably done the same thing. there's a lot to take in at WDW and it can be a bit overwhelming!

my son went through a biting phase when he was two. not sure which is worse, biting or hiting. both can do quite a bit of damage!

M.J. said...

That was hilarious to read, but I can only imagine how not funny it was to you at the time.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Awww - to be 2 and be able to have a meltdown in public and not be arrested or institutionalized!

CB Mauro said...

OMG! I am so cracking up that you took a PHOTO of his meltdown! That is so funny!

Beth said...

Two is still a fun age! And E is funny and adorable. I wish I had gotten to see more of him and his excitement for buses.

It was so fun meeting you and I can't wait to run next year. I plan on NOT getting sick afterwards this next time. :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ya know what? He did WAY better than a lot of kids his age do there (TRUST me!) and what's more, I have seen a million worse meltdowns than that one. I have to admit, it was hysterical that you photographed him (revenge showing that off someday LOL!) and the laying face down on the floor slayed me. Kids are so funny! And weird! ;-) I was totally happy to give you a few minutes of respite while we escaped to watch the trains & look for Mommy & Grandma.

K13 said...

Oh yes, I will use that picture in the future I am certain.

And he is SOOO fun - yesterday he just cracked me up repeatedly, so TWO is definitely a fun age...when there aren't meltdowns. Hee!

Thank you again Dawn for the was very much needed and very much appreciated.

msprimadonna67 said...

LOVE the picture of him with Mickey and Minnie! Don't sweat the meltdowns--I think most of us who take kids to Disney totally get that the meltdowns are a result of overstimulation and kids who are just tired because they're trying to take everything in. I would think most of people in line with you were saying to themselves, "Yup. I've been there!"