Sunday, March 28, 2010

weekend recap

~looking SO forward to a 3-day-work-week. Hooray. I SO need this break...more than I could ever explain.

~we are heading north to VA for the Easter weekend. i'm looking forward to getting away and doing nothing.

~i'm down to two big projects left this semester (and a few smaller things). made a pretty big dent in one of them today. hooray. 30 days to go.

~E and I went to a working-moms-meet up at a park on Saturday. it was ok except that I spent alot of time chasing after him thereby limiting my socializing time which was a big reason in going to the meet up at all. oh well, it was still fun.

~i got some potentially VERY bad income tax news on Saturday night which is causing me EXTREME exaggeration here. hoping the numbers are wrong and if not, then i guess i'll be hoping for an extension.

~got in another 4 mile run on Saturday. paid for it today. ouch!

~planning to call a chiropractor on Monday to inquire. not sure if my insurance covers it though.

~also have an appointment at the student health center on Wednesday. hoping for some sort of answer. I am scheduled (and planning) to run a 5K on April 10. It's at the Zoo!!! How fun will that be?!?!?!

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runeatdatesleep said...

I'm having severe anxiety over my income taxes, but I'm going to make a payment plan. Can you do that?