Wednesday, March 10, 2010

long to-do list

~i took E to school this morning and i'm home today working on a long list of things to-do...I should NOT be blogging...let's consider it my lunch break.

~i completed my fafsa for next (and the last) school year. finally!! such a pain!

~I am finishing up the past 2 weeks "reflections" on my counseling activities at the high know, being in this touchy-feely profession means lots of reflecting on myself and how I feel.

~finishing up a couple of lesson plans on nutrition topics. I need to do some classroom guidance in the CDC room for the rest of the semester....I'm way behind on my direct hours.

~made a call to the Disney ticket office. got good news which will hopefully prevent me from losing a day on my 3 day ticket since we only made it to the parks on Sat & Sun.

~heading to the post office this afternoon to mail 4 packages.

~i really need to get all this school stuff done so I can use the weekend to do a transcription of one of my counseling sessions that will occur Thurs/Fri this week. Note: transcriptions take need to be documented.

~i've become a fan of interval running now. really want to go to Target to look for a watch like Meghan had for the race.

~i signed up for a 5K on April 10, benefits the schools, I can even pick a particular school to benefit. yay.

~still need to upload my Disney pictures to Shutterfly...dreading that...big time suck.

~back to the schoolwork.


Megan said...

interval running is the best! when i'm struggling i like to run 90 seconds, waslk 90 seconds. Also good for hill training!

Melissa Mann said...

sounds like you are busy, busy!!