Wednesday, October 17, 2007

~Simple Questionaire~

Saw this "simple survey" on Katrina's blog...thought I'd play along.

1. Name: Krystyn

2. Pink - Love it or Hate it? Love it, lighter pink, not so much a fan of HOT pink though.

3. Signature shade of lipstick, lipgloss, etc. Autumn Shimmer from Ulta 3

4. Do you have a best girl friend? Not so much least not here locally...which stinks.

5. Do you have a woman mentor? Nope (but I could probably use one)

6. Are you a woman mentor to someone else? No, I don't have anything to mentor "on"

7. Tomboy or Princess? Total Tomboy...always have been, always will be!

8. Favorite Girl Band: SheDaisy

9. Are you a mom? Do you want to be one? I'm not yet...I thought I always wanted to be, but honestly I'm quite freaked out about the whole thing now!!

10. Do you and your mom have any rituals? We usually meet for lunch on Thursdays and the last couple years we've tried to bake Christmas cookies together.

11. Fashion magazines - yea or nay. Not so much really.

12. Do you have a feel good outfit? Well certainly NOT RIGHT NOW I don't. I feel like a complete blob in just about everything I wear right now. Come March, my life will be eat, sleep, treadmill.

13. Have you called your grandma or special aunt, or special older lady lately? Nope...I don't have any of these.

14. Signature Scent? Coffee from Starbucks probably...I smell like that more often than any perfume I have.

15. Favorite female TV character: Meredith Grey

16. Favorite place to hang out with gal pals? Well, if I had any gal pals, I imagine it would be scrapbook stores, Barnes & Noble or Starbucks.

17. Did you ever ditch your girl friends to be with a guy? Do you still? I probably have in the past...a long, long time ago. No, I don't anymore.

18. Friend you call when you need a laugh? Kelly, Mary or Nora

19. Friend you call when you need a shoulder to cry on? I usually don't call, I email instead...usually to Kelly, Mary or Nora.

20. Have you reminded your friends of how much they mean to you lately? Probably not as much as I should have...I think I've been a helluva burden of a friend lately too so I'll take this time to say THANK YOU for putting up with me and listening to all my crappy life drama that's been going on lately.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm about to play along. =)

Stacy said...

Awesome! I love to read these things! Hmmm.maybe I'll do this one tomorrow:)

Mary said...

Love this - so fun; I think I'll steal it for my blog too! and Hugs to you - I'm glad we're friends, and don't worry about being a "burden" - you are silly and that's what being a friend is about!!! :D

Freebird said...

That's what friends are for. You cry on my shoulder, I cry on yours.