Sunday, October 28, 2007

~what weekend?~

Was there a weekend in there somewhere? I must have missed it.

I worked 14 hrs combined Sat & Sun, so I guess that's the problem. I need to accumulate some extra hours right now because I'll be off on some upcoming weekends.

I have a question...when friends ask how you are doing, do you generally answer with the truth, albeit negative or positive, or do you find that you always respond that all is wonderful because maybe people don't really want to know the truth if everything wasn't completely wonderful??? (hope I didn't lose you in that uber-long sentence)

The reason I ask is because I'm a bit frustrated w/a friend who's been emailing me over the past few months and asks specifics about things in my life...I state the facts and I sort of feel "attacked" by her responses. I guess I'm just going to have to say that everything is wonderful...even when/if it isn't.

If you can't be honest with friends, then what the heck are they for? Did I miss something somewhere? I'm always open and willing to hearing good & bad from my friends!! *huge sigh*


Anonymous said...

for me it depends on who is doing the asking and what is bugging me. if it's a co-worker i'm definitely not telling them i'm bugging on another co-worker! i guess i'd also start saying "things are fine" to a person who gave me grief when I said things weren't.

krystyn said...

Amy-yep, this is a friend, not a co-worker and my plan is now to just to say that all is fine when she's not worth the headaches.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Some people just can't handle that life doesn't happen in lala-everything-is-rainbows-and-butterflies-and-puppies land. The only thing that makes me more crazy than that are the people who have to one-up you when you tell them something, whether good or bad. It's one thing to commiserate & say "ugh I know what you mean, let's be miserable together" but when it's always "you think your life sucks? you should be me because mine is soooo much worse."

Mary said...

Yep - I'm with depends on who's doing the asking. If it's a friend, they might get one response, whereas if it's a coworker or someone i'm not close to, they'd get a different answer. Which, I guess, is to your point - friends should get the full scoop....Kwim? I hope you got a little downtime this wknd!!