Wednesday, October 17, 2007


~So apparently the identity and wallet thieves work in cahoots...somehow someone got a hold of and used my debit card number to pay for something called "Yahoo Search" - 3 TIMES!!! For a grand total of $525!!! Argh..what a hassle. I've filed my dispute forms and now am waiting for my money to be given back to me. And to make matters even lovlier...a check that I wrote came thru @ the same time and there wasn't enough money there, so I was charged a $35 fee....3 TIMES!!! I'll get that money back too, but still - such a pisser!!!

~I was at SB until about 12:10am tonight (today)...whew. When I got there at 7pm, it looked like a tornado had come thru. It was also unusually busy, but I was having fun (thanks to good co-workers) and it passed the time. That's the latest I've been there in quite some time. On a negative note (because there is ALWAYS something with SBUX), I only have 17 hrs next week. I really need to maintain at least 20 and I haven't had 20 hrs/wk for the past 4 wks now. Argh!

~Wednesday night will likely not be so enjoyable - thanks to coworkers...argh...I'm dreading it. Shocker, I know.

~Did you see Ellen yesterday? was a different start to her show...she was very about it here....she was made me cry. She rocks and I hope this scenario gets resolved ASAP.

~I can't wait to find out if Amy wins her cooking contest!!! Amy, be sure to let me know right away, ok?

~People never cease to amaze me...there was a big "stink" about the 2007 CK Hall of Fame contest and a whole bunch of scrappers have their underwear in bunches about it. Apparently, these women have nothing better to do with their time. It happens to involve my favorite scrapper, Kristina can read her really-well-put blog post response here.

~Today I learned that if I let dishes pile up in my kitchen sink for 2 days and (refuse) to empty the dishwasher, that amazingly the dishwasher will actually get emptied and the dirty dishes will finally take their turn there. Now I'm trying to see how long I can let the garbage cans fill up before they get emptied. *someone needs to realize that there is NO cleaning lady here*


Anonymous said...

Hmm, garbage. . .I must say that I will let it pile up and up and will not empty it. Then again, I can't smell the dang thing, so I may have more of an advantage than most.

Nothing from Manischewitz yet! They said I was supposed to hear on Tuesday, but they also said voting ended last Friday. Plus, there was a message from an Unknown Caller this morning that I accidentally apparently erased from work before anybody could hear it. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that Ellen thing sucks, but all those animal rescue places have in their contract that if you don't want the dog you need to give it back. Which I understand if it's a month later, maybe, but I always wondered, what if 5 years later the dog starts getting snippy with your kids, or somebody becomes allergic, and you've moved half way across the country. . .do you have to pay to ship the dog back? It's totally understandable that she wouldn't know, because NOBODY reads contracts when it's about important things, who's going to read it when they're adopting a stray?

krystyn said...

Amy-I hope you win...I voted lots!! I agree w/you on Ellen and contracts...geez...I mean, she DID find Iggy a good home, even if it wasn't hers...and she spent over $3k on this dog before giving it to the new family.

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! I would consider your method of getting the dishwasher unloaded & reloaded but... I am thinking I would be waiting a long time. =P

Mary said...

ugh on the debit card stuff! did you lose your wallet or did they get your number when you used it or something? UGH! I seriously have thought about signing up for (idenity theft service)'s like $10/month and might well be worth it...anyway, hope SB picks up for you on hours....and hope tonight wasn't too terribly bad. The HOF stuff is such a waste of time. Sure CK could have done it better, but like you said, do you not have anything better to do than obsess over this (esp if you are not directly impacted??!)? And yeah, I saw the stuff about Ellen - so sad. It sounds like the people that ended up with the dog gave it a good home so I don't know what the beef is.

Yikes, this is epic, sorry!!

krystyn said...

Amy-my garbage trick worked...didn't even get stinky yet. He later asked me "were you leaving the dishes in the sink to prove a point?" LOL...I never leave that many dishes -it drives me nuts actually...but he finally took care of them. Mission Accomplished!

Did you hear that the buttheads @ that animal shelter gave the dog to another family? That's just ridiculous!!!

Dawn-yes, I think you would have a long wait right now...but at least you only have to clean up YOUR OWN.

Mary-nope, didn't lose my wallet. They stole the info via internet or something - not sure how really. I got my $$ back today - all but the last 2 $35 charges..hopefully they come thru tomorrow. I picked up 2 SB shifts tonight...that's good and bad, of course. :-)