Thursday, October 18, 2007

~your favorite recipe~

Well, if you recall a while ago I told you about the Recipe Book I am working on. Since I seem to be really good at starting projects and not finishing them, it's been sitting around for a few weeks. Today I decided to type up a bunch of my recipes and start adding them to the book. It's about 1/2 full now...but I need YOUR help.

Please send me YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE(S)...preferably something fairly easy to make, as I'm no expert cook - although I DO LOVE baking. I need some more recipes to add to my book so it's nice and full.

Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, here are links to two of my favorite recipes. One is a cookie recipe that I got from Semi-Homemade Baking. The other is an Emeril pork burger recipe. The cookies are easy b/c they use boxed cake mix. The pork burgers are really easy too. I also have a Rachel Ray buffalo turkey burger recipe that's good. You can find that recipe here. I'm too lazy to type it up. My husband loves all three of these. The pork burgers are his favorite.

krystyn said...

Amy - thanks...I'm going to check all of them out...they sound so good!!!!

Mary said...

did I send you my Poppy Seed Chicken recipe? It's one of my favorites!!