Friday, October 12, 2007

~ho hum~

~I was contemplating even posting since I really have nothing much to report and I don't want to bore you to pieces.

~TGIF - big time!!! It's been a helluva week and I'm glad it's almost over. I don't think I could take much more. If I didn't want to go to Kohl's today, I would probably stay in my PJs all day and forego showering...O isn't home and the cats don't mind, so why not? :-)

~My excitement this weekend will consist of attending the Hispanic Heritage Festival downtown on Saturday. I'm sure counting on this to "make my weekend" so they better not let me down. I'm hoping to take some good pics and enjoy some scrumptious food. I'm just hoping that I'm not mistaken for a piƱata since I'm just about the same size as some of them. As a result of my larger figure, I will have to pass on the Salsa dancing competition too. You can look for me @ the festival here. LOL!!

~Yep, well, I guess that's it.

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Mary said...

TGIF indeed! Have fun at the festival this wknd!!