Thursday, October 04, 2007

~a whole bunch of nothing~

I don't really have much to's been a pretty average week for the most part...nothing too exciting, which I guess considering my track record, may be a good thing. Exciting things for me often tend to mean "negative excitement" as opposed to "good excitement".

Good mail day today: I received the 2 kits I bought from Kristina on Monday...I love Priority Mail. They look like F-U-N!!!

I sort of forgot that I am going to a crop tomorrow. I think I've mentioned that the LSS here is pretty lame, well, they have recently changed owners and they actually have a crop on the 1st Friday of each month, so I'm going tomorrow to see if it's any good. One obstacle to overcome is the fact that I no longer have a tote...apparently I overloaded it in NC (hard to believe, I know) with Mary and when removing it from her vehicle to put it into mine...well, the handle ripped right off. Oops!! On a brighter note, maybe I'll meet some fellow embarrasing as it is to say this...I need some friends here...see below.

My hairdresser is throwing a baby shower for me. The invite list was short. I do not know many people here - mostly due to working from home ever since I moved here. Where the heck am I going to meet people? And if you've been reading for a while, then you know that I had made some friends at SB, but some turned out to be a bit "shady". Regardless, I cannot just invite 2-3 from SB, so I'll invite the whole gamut...and that also keeps them from throwing me a separate shower...which I REALLY DO NOT WANT. One is torture enough.

It's Grey's night...that's always good. Let's hope it's better than last week...I wasn't terribly impressed, but I won't give up on them...I still love the show. I still miss Denny too. *sigh*

Dilemma...I want a new iPod Nano....the one with video. I do not need one. Mine works perfectly well, but @ the time I got the small 500 song model...saying to myself "I will NEVER need room for more than 500 songs"...ha!! Well, it really doesn't hold 500 anyway...closer to 450-470...I guess it depends on song length or something....ok so it's not a huge dilemma but still...

Ok, I guess that's all for now. Adios!


Anonymous said...

I don't have any friends here either. I doubt that makes you feel better. It's mostly my own doing, I don't like talking to people. Once you have the baby, then maybe you can start going to mom & baby groups to meet people. I have already ordered me and my husband both to go to parent/baby time to make friends. Don't you love how I have plans for babies we don't even know if we'll have? I have our/their whole lives mapped out, ha!

krystyn said...

Amy-planning ahead is good...I'm like that too. I've just about got this kid signed up for t-ball already and if all works out, he'll play college baseball and go to the major leagues...LOL!!

And yep, I'm probably gonna use my kid to make friends-sad but true. I just never pictured myself sitting @ the mall @ those kid play structures though...*shudder*

Anonymous said...

I think those things are more of a sanity saver for moms. Kind of like taking your dog to the park - let the kids run around like mad in a relatively safe environment until they're worn out - and you get to at least get out of the house to boot.

Mary said...

LOL - I just emailed you asking how your week was ... now I know! :) ENJOY the crop - have a blast and get lots done!!

I hope you do get a nano that you want...I myself am coveting the iPhone but won't be buying one until run across an extra $500 lying around (and even then...)! Until then, my current one will have to do! :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

What did you think of Grey's? I thought it was a really good episode.