Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~blah, blah, blah~

~So I finally called the SBUX benefits line to get the skinny on FMLA...I probably should not have called yesterday considering my emotions were not completely in tact.

~SBUX considers you "unable to work" a whopping 2 wks prior to your due date. Oh yeah - that's wonderful...I can just see myself now - barely fitting behind the counter..."what size Mocha would you like?"...not gonna happen.

~I will have to convince my doctor that I am struggling with being on my feet there or something. She will have to complete some form and we'll have to submit it to SBUX so that I can start my leave earlier.

~The ultimate bad news though is that it is highly unlikely I will leave around mid-November...probably more like early December, the most chaotic time of year at SBUX...yep lucky me.

~On the bright side...I didn't realize that I qualify for short term disability too so I'll be paid 66% of my wages based on an average of hrs worked per week over the last 26 weeks. I was pretty happy about that - free money!!

~A few more complaints about SBUX: we are having a "holiday meeting" on Sunday night. From 7-8pm...then we are supposed to go to a local bowling alley for a couple hours. I'm pretty sure I probably shouldn't be tossing a 10-12lb ball down an alley right now, so I guess I'm supposed to sit there and try not to appear bored out of my mind. What fun?!? I.CANNOT.WAIT! *severe sarcasm intended* Anyway, I think I'll just make a 10 minute "appearance" there and then go home, that way they cannot harrass me for not going at all. Remember, I do not wish to spend time with anyone from SBUX outside of work...(I learned this the hard way.)

~The Komen race is this Saturday. When I finish, I plan to take a drive down to Chattanooga and hit 3 scrap stores along the way and then also go to Rock City. I've never been to Chattanooga and I'm really in the mood to take some nice Fall pictures. I'm really looking forward to this.

~I had a doctor appt this morning. All is well. I need to find somewhere to get a flu shot. I usually never bother, but I guess they are recommended for PG women. Ugh. I dread fighting "the crowd" wherever it is that I end up getting one. I do not have a family doctor yet, so I can't go there.

~My hairdresser, who has become a good friend, is throwing a baby shower for me on 11/11. I've never been a fan of baby showers, but I guess it's in my best interest to have one now. Of course, I've always been on the "other side" of these before, so I guess turn about is fair play, right?

~I made this layout today...it's just "ok" - I'm not super crazy about it, but I guess it's not awful either.

~OK, I've rambled enough for today...


Anonymous said...

Disability pay is good. It does seem odd that a job that has you standing all day long would not allow FMLA to kick in until 2 weeks prior. But maybe with the holidays, and people being in good cheer, and seeing you pregnant, they'll toss more tips into the tip jar.

And I'm with you on not liking showers. But just think, "presents, presents, presents," and I'd think that'll get you through the agony.

Mary said...

bummer on it being early December - but that is great news about the short term money! enjoy the race and have fun shopping in Chattanooga!

krystyn said...

Amy-I also thought it was "odd" that SB doesn't consider a person eligible for leave 'til 2 wks prior. Talk about ASKING for swollen feet & ankles...ick!!!