Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~a few pictures~

Here are a few pictures from the past couple days...and one of me and my big belly, per Janeen's request.... :-)
Taken on Sunday, Dec 23, 2007 @ 33 wks pg.

Me and mom's new kitty.

Another pic of me and Brinkley...and the belly.

And some of the yummy cookies we baked.


Anonymous said...

I can see how depending on what you wear it may not look like you're pregnant.

Mary said...

very nice! hope you had a good Christmas!

Nichole said...

So cute, the *both* of you! Well... you certainly don't *look* stressed! And isn't better to look good than to feel good anyway? ;-)

krystyn said...

Nichole-yep, I think it's better to look good for the most part - it usually helps you feel good!!

em said...

YAY!!! You look great!!!!