Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~a whole bunch of nothing~

~I finally have email, PC and a phone at work, however the phone is in my office and to use a computer or email I have to walk across the building to a temporary cube. We have been waiting for the 'port' to be turned on in my office so the computer will work. Looks like tomorrow I will have everything in one place. Finally!!

~Boy, I feel sort of bad if I do end up leaving there for a job @ UT (if they call me) after all the hassle in getting things set up...eeks! At least it'll be set for whoever they bring in after me.

~I was supossed to work at SB tonight but I luckily got someone to cover my shift...closing 3 nights in a row is just too much, especially now that I'm not @ home all day. Yesterday I went literally from one job to the other, no stop @ home in between. Ick! I was SO uncomfortable working last night too.

~I have an OB appt tomorrow morning and plan to have her sign off on my short term disability/maternity leave paperwork for SB. I have to give a 2 week notice so I'll still have a few days to work there, but I will likely give away a lot of my hours -it's just too uncomfortable to be there now....which is a bummer because I don't dread it like I used to a few months ago.

~Christmas is almost here and I'm SO NOT in the mood. I just didn't get the "Christmas bug" this year...let's see...maybe it could be due to the falling out with my aunt (on-going since July), OR the job loss/change & ensuing stressors OR hormones OR a husband that annoys the shit out of me more often than he should...gee, pick one...I think they all qualify for reasons why I don't feel festive.

~I wasn't going to buy any presents due to the job scenario, but then I started to feel guilty and so I caved, although I have scaled back tremendously. Even though I'm working, I will not get my 1st check 'til mid-January (totally sucks). I have never been this 'behind the 8-ball' when it comes to Christmas shopping...oh well. I bought my 1st present yesterday and a few more tonight, but haven't wrapped a thing. I usually enjoy wrapping my gifts, but I'm sort of dreading it this just doesn't feel like Christmas time to

~Back to work issues...the place I work now is actually closing down from Dec 24 thru Jan 2nd...I have expressed need/interest in working over the holidays since I won't get paid. I certainly cannot afford a 2 week vacation right now - especially since I wouldn't be going anywhere. I'm still unsure if I'm going to be able to work or not but they better freakin' let me know ASAP - like tomorrow! I'm a planner and I need to know. It would not be cool if I cannot work during the break, nor would it make sense...they wanted me to start right away and then asked me if I could work more than 8 hrs/day - which so far, I haven't needed all this rushing around and then I'd possibly be off for 2 wks...makes NO sense.

~If I don't end up working the day job over the holidays...guess where I'll end up putting in a ridiculous amount of hours???? Oh joy - lucky me. Is that regular or decaf?

~I swear just when I start feeling a little bit better about 'things', something always seems to get me down. I often find myself wishing I could go back a year (or more) in time...I would do A LOT OF THINGS DIFFERENT.


~**Dawn**~ said...

(((HUGS))) I'm sorry this has been such a rough year for you. Here's to 2007 swinging back in the other direction.

Chele76 said...

((((BIG HUG)))

Anonymous said...

Yes, what Dawn said!

You know what's kind of funny, early on in your post you said it was kind of a bummer that you have to give away most of your shifts at SB b/c you're not dreading it as much. Then later on you say if you can't work at your new job, you'll have to work at SB, and that makes you not happy.

Would you like to participate in my SIL new book (or website, or who knows what she'll really end up doing). "If I knew then what I know now. . ." If you want I'll give you her e-mail.

krystyn said...

I can see how that is confusing...but what I mean is I don't dread working there as much because the drama has subsided, but if I have to work there a lot next week then I won't be happy because now it's just plain 'ol uncomfortable. If I weren't PG, I'd be racking up the hours for some extra Christmas cash!!

Anonymous said...

No, I knew what you meant. It was just kind of funny.