Friday, December 14, 2007

~i'm back~

~Got home at 12:30am after two miserable flights from Ohio. Up at 6am today to go into the office. I'm exhausted.

~The training went well and despite the icky weather up there, all was good. Everyone was very nice, my hotel was cozy and I was near TONS of shopping (danger!). The Archiver's was about 1 mile from my hotel.

~Just to point out...the lady I spent all week with couldn't really tell I was PG 'til Wed when I wore a shirt that truly accentuates the belly. Another gal told me that I'm 'small' for being 32 now you know why I kept saying they didn't can't tell so much depending on what I wear. They probably just thought I was FAT!

~My thing when I go out of town is to eat @ places that I don't have back home, so the minute I saw Chipotle, I was THERE!!! Yum!! I SO miss it. I had dinner at "Max & Erma's" the next night. We had them up in Michigan and I loved eating there - especially the cheese skewers - and I never order fried cheese anywhere else....there's just something about it @ Max & Erma' good!!

~From the info I collected up in OH and the fact that the office here was recently 'acquired' - it's going to be a rocky road for me for a while...not sure how I feel about that right now.

~All those calls from UT and the anticipation of an offer actually resulted in a request for a 2nd interview. Today @ 4pm I met with the head honcho of the Employment department and then met with 5 people, who would be peers should I get hired...I should hear something mid to late next week.

~Weekend plans: working at SB both Sat & Sun, although I'm looking for someone to pick up my Sunday shift. I just need a day off!!

~Yeah, so I totally need a new banner...sorry, I don't have a festive picture...I'll have to come up with something.


Anonymous said...

Glad the week went well, and hopefully things go well with the UT job too. I'm so with you on the eating at places we don't have in Juneau. Although since we have NOTHING here, it is quite stressful because there are just so many options.

Mary said...

i'm so glad you got to meet with the UT people today; i have a good feeling about it. and i'm totally with you on eating at places you don't have at home when you're traveling. have a good weekend!!

Janeen Jordan said...

Glad the training went well and glad all that traveling went ok for you too. So, email me and update me on the job thing...I think I'm lost on what you are, but interviewing for another one at UT? Sorry, I"m slow that way...I think it's the time of year or something. lol