Thursday, December 27, 2007


~I've been able to work from home this one is allowed in the building due to construction & security reasons. Yay for being back @ home.

~I am counting the hours 'til 5:30pm...why?....because I'm getting a 1 hr pregnancy massage and CANNOT WAIT!! Thanks again to my super, duper, rockin' awesome, generous friend Kelly!!!!

~Mom and I are going to see P.S. I Love You on Saturday...woohoo!!! I loved the book and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny Duquette) is in the HAS to be good!!

~I'm officially in the process of starting maternity leave from SB. I had 4 shifts this week and managed to get 3 of them covered. Yay! I should only have to work on Sunday for 5 hours which shouldn't be too bad. I needed 240 hrs this quarter for benefits and as of my last paystub on Friday, I had no real 'need' to work the rest of the month...thank goodness. I've been enjoying my nights off.

~I haven't been in much of a scrapbooking mood lately - I wish I was, but I'm just not. I quit making those 'daily cards' - the last one I made was on 12/2.

~I was reading this blog and decided I HAD to check out the old newsprint style wrapping paper she is SO cute...I happily snagged the last 2 rolls @ my BB&B..for .99 each!!! I'm hoping it helps inspire me to scrapbook a little bit.

~I guess that's all to report...not too much excitement in my life right's more of a waiting game at this point.


Nichole said...

Yay for working at home! I'm studying at home now. Ok, technically I'm taking a break at the moment. Glad you can take some time off your feet away from SB.

Mary said...

1. hope your massage went well!
2. enjoy working from home this week!!
3. enjoy that movie!! It's one I want to see too!!
4. yay on maternity leave!!
5. i haven't scrapbooked in I-don't-know-how long! I briefly thought about buying a QK Revolution, but talked myself out of it since i haven't scrapbooked in forever!!

Happy Thursday!!

krystyn said...

I tried scrappin' a bit today but couldn't come up with anything...I'm just gonna let it be for now...*sigh*

Working from home this week is nice but I don't have email access so I can only do so much...not entirely productive, but at least I'm doing 'something'

The massage was good except the girl talked too much. When I get a massage, I don't want to talk..ya know?


Katrina said...

let me know how that movie is...Hope & I are thinking of going!

Boo on the talking during a massage. I would have told her to shut up! :)