Thursday, December 20, 2007


~I'm home for a marathon 45 minutes then off to SB...yay me.

~Still no word from UT...getting antsy now!

~Went to OB today...they charge $25 to complete short-term disability & FMLA forms...what a crock!

~I gained 7 lbs since 11/30...that sucks!!!

~Still not in a Christmas mood...can I just sleep though it?

~Wow, what a negative post...sorry about that but that's pretty much how I've been feeling all day today....I better stop here.

~Hope everyone has a lovely evening!


Mary said...

hope things go well at SB tonight!!

Nichole said...

I hope the Christmas spirit finds you... it's not too late! You've got a few more days left! Maybe it'll hit you when you wrap your presents. Add a Christmas movie in the background, maybe?

As far as the disability paperwork, sorry you had to pay. I only say this so that maybe if you understand why they charge you'll feel better about it? Anyway, I've had to fill out more of those forms than I care to remember. And it takes a significant amount of time. The little money that offices get re-imbursed from insurance companies barely covers the cost to see and treat *you*, let alone fill out extra paperwork. So I can sort of understand them charging, especially if their staff is spending a lot of time doing that on a daily basis and detracting from the care of patients. Just something to think about...

krystyn said...

I know what you mean about the disability paperwork, but for STD @ SB it was only 1 page and the FMLA was also only 1 page. Oh well.

I once had to help a mental health client complete disability papers and there were many pages to them.


Janeen Jordan said...

Girl, I wish you didn't have so much to be worrying about, especially at this season in your life!! I so wish I could make it all go into place for you, I really would if I could. I wouldn't feel a bit guilty about the job situation - you are about to be a Mommy, you've got to think about what is the best for you and your future. I do hope you hear from them and I hope even more it's the news you want. As for Christmas...again, don't go to the expense of shopping for other people right now. I'm sure everyone around you totally understands and probably would rather buy for you!!! On a side note; I would love to see a preggo photo of you??!!

krystyn said...

Janeen-Thanks for the sweet words. I too, wish I could snap my fingers and lots would be different, but alas that's not the case. *sigh*

I will post a pic in the coming days of myself & my hugeness. :-)