Monday, December 17, 2007


~6 days into the new job and I still have NO computer access or company email account. I basically cannot do ANYTHING w/o these 2 items. I sat there and looked at the walls just about all day...doesn't matter that I'm getting paid to do NOTHING - I cannot stand being so bored.

~I just got a phone in my office today.

~My office was about 60 degrees when I got there this morning. I had my coat on until lunch ridiculous is that?!? Someone loaned me their space heater, which was somewhat helpful but it wasn't 'til the afternoon that the climate was tolerable. I sure hope it's not like that tomorrow...but I'm thinking that it might be. Oh joy!

~I can't stop thinking about the UT job...I really, really, really want it. Is it Thursday yet? I hope I hear from them by then.

~As much as I was looking forward to working in an office -around other people- I must admit that I'd much rather sleep 'til 8am instead of getting up at 6:30am. I also dread those first 10 minutes out of the shower - you know - when you are freezing to death...ugh...I hate that. Wearing my PJs to work was a nice perk too. Did I mention the 2 school zones I have to go thru on my commute too...ugh.

~So maybe being occasionally lonely working from home wasn't such a bad thing. *sigh*


Mary said...

Is there any opportunity for a thank you note or check in call to UT this week? I hope your office is nice and warm tomorrow!! :)

Anonymous said...

60, ha, big baby. That's what it is in my house right now and we're not wearing coats!

Can you sneak a book into work?

krystyn said...

Mary-I sent my Thank You note already. The guy I'm working w/on this is out Mon & Tues but said he'd be 'working on it' so I should hear something before end of week.

Amy-yep, I'm a BIG BABY when it comes to the cold weather. I grew up in Michigan - I'm DONE with the cold weather.

I took a magazine to work yesterday, but it didn't last me long...I'm reading "good in bed' right now and it's kind of big to sneak in.

They claim my PC and email will be up and running today. Ha! Believe it when I see it.

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! It's been chilly here the last couple of days. I wore my coat for all but about an hour yesterday! And I still haven't taken it off yet this morning. After 25 years living in Connecticut, you would think I wouldn't have gone so "soft" this fast, but I do not like when it's below 65*!!

Anonymous said...

I was just scrolling down. . .Bootcamp? Like Army bootcamp?

Nichole said...

Hope you have email tomorrow! ugh! And what's with the temperature? You'd think you work in an operating room and have to wear several layers of clothing... ;-)

krystyn said...

Amy-yes, actually it's Nat'l Guard bootcamp. He joined despite me being TOTALLY against it (for many reasons) yeah, it'll be me and baby and a full time job all on our own for 10 wks come May.

I should have just gotten knocked up years ago and done the 'single mother' plan. *sarcasm intended*

Anonymous said...

Does he at least get health insurance?