Saturday, December 08, 2007

~pondering thoughts~

It's been an interesting week....a couple of interviews @ a couple different places and a job offer. I'm off to OH on Monday, after a mini-shopping spree for 'office-acceptable' maternity clothes tomorrow after my shift at SB.

As I mentioned, the job is a 6 month contract position as a recruiter. This could mean that I'm looking for something else in 6 months or it could also go permanent...but do I want to wait 6 months to become an 'employee'?? It's been a long 3+ years w/o benefits, paid time off etc and I have come to REALLY value (and long for) these things...we often take them for granted when we have them. Let me just say that not getting paid for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, 4th of July, Labor Day etc. really makes the holidays a little less enjoyable.

Anyway...all that to say that I interviewed on Tuesday @ the university, also for a recruiting job, but it also had a number of other 'duties' along with it that I would really enjoy, unlike where the other job is solely recruiting.

The university folks said they would take 1-2 wks to decide and that they won't be hiring ;til Jan 2008, which is part of the reason that I accepted this other position, not to mention that I need a job sooner rather than later. The funniest part of this is that I actually applied for this position way back in JULY!!! I must have had a bad week @ Pepsi (not unusual) and decided to see what else was out there. It only took them 6 months to finally start the interview process...geez.

What I'm getting at is I have been informed that the university has already called 2 of my references...mmmm...they don't usually do that unless they are interested in you. I'm more curious than ever to see if I end up with an offer from them...then comes the difficult's why:

UT Job
*mediocre salary
*health bennies
*free tuition
*8-10 mile commute
*permanent full time

Recruiter Job
*very generous salary
*no bennies
*16 mile commute
*temporary contract

I guess when I write it out, it looks like an easy decision, however I am pretty sure that the differences in salary will be quite significant, so it basically boils down to that. I'm just hoping that if I get an offer from UT, that it's not SOOOO low that I cannot even consider it.

I really think I'd enjoy the UT job more. The work was much more appealing to me, the interview was enjoyable and everyone knows that it's fun to work @ a university, not to mention the wonderful benefits.


I'm going to try not to think much about this, since it hasn't really happened yet...but I do think it's quite odd that they've contacted 2 of my references only 2 days after the interview.


Mary said...

Hmmm, well, of course the salary thing is important, so the University job would have to be at least the minimum you need. If that was the case, it sounds like it would be the best option for you. I'm sure you are doing lots of research already on being a 1099 worker; from what I heard from customers when I was in banking it was a pain and taxes were high. Anyway, I am hoping that the university will either (a) call you Monday with the perfect deal, or (b) continue to take their sweet time and contact you to come work for them right as your maternity leave is over.

Where in OH are you headed?

Anonymous said...

It does sound like if they contacted two of your references they're going to hire you. I suppose they could be contacting all the finalists references to see if that would kick anybody out, but it seems like a waste of time and energy to call all the people's references right away. If they do offer you a lower salary, try to figure out how much you'd be paying in medical bills - all those baby visits this year are going to have to come out of your pocket, right? After you deduct those expenses from the high salary, it may not be that much higher.

Cathleen said...

It sucks that we are not always in a position to accept a job we really want. I have recently had a somewhat similar situation. I don't get any benefits at my job either and while I have health insurance through David and a good retirement from my former job it sucks not getting holidays or sick days. Where I work they want you to give 110% and then don't understand why we get upset because they won't pay us for Thanksgiving, I mean there is only 4 of us would it really break the bank? Not to turn this into a rant about my own crappy job. I would think if they are contacting your references they are definitely interested. You never know maybe they will be able to offer more than you think or maybe you will enjoy the other job more than you expected? Whatever happens I hope it works out for you. I know you said it's been a rough year so maybe you're due to have something good come your way. Good Luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

em said...

That is such a tough thing...I hate job hunting!

Nichole said...

I work for the state university... is it for the state? Because if it is, our benefits are *very* good and they start immediately, plus there are a ton of paid holidays. It kind of makes up for lower salaries. And it's permanent! lol... I guess it's obvious which one I would pick. Hope you can make a decision!