Monday, March 09, 2009

~the 1, 2, 3's of dieting~

~In all of my practice (and there's been plenty), I have concluded that there are 3 components to successful weight loss.

~Component (1) Eating right (duh), this includes portion size & what you eat.
~Component (2) Exercise, you probably knew this one too.
~Component (3) Drink LOTS of H2O...@ least 64 oz is what they usually say.

~So here I am 1 year+ post baby and still fighting to lose 17 EXTRA pounds. And they ARE indeed extra because I certainly don't need (or want) them. Of course, I probably have more like 30lbs that I don't need, but 17 would get me to wedding day/pre-baby weight and that would be a good start.

~The problem is this...on most days I have great diet ambitions, however my dilemma is incorporating ALL 3 components on the SAME day, and that, my friends, is the key to successful weight loss.

~For example, on a typical day:
~I eat well, control portions, keep out junk food & even drink lots of water, but I don't get in a lick of exercise.
~then there are the days when I get in a great workout, eat fairly well all day but drink NO water.
~and then there are the days when I drink 64oz of water but eat crap all day & don't even get near the treadmill.

~Two years ago this all seemed so EASY to me. Too easy in fact. I just cannot get a handle on it right now and it's really frustrating, which ultimately drives me to consume gross amounts of chocolate, which doesn't help the weight loss efforts AT ALL. :) Can you see the problem here?

~I'm not sure what else I can do. I feel sort of helpless at this point.

~I do plan to go to the gym EVERY night next week, it's Spring Break so I have no classes. Just 3 regular 8-hour work days. Yay!! Maybe we can even go this Wed night too, especially since O REALLY needs to prep for BCT now!!

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April said...

I so feel your pain. I can never get all three of those going at once. The water part is easy, it's all I drink...but to eat well AND exercise all on the same day? Ack! It's almost impossible!