Wednesday, March 04, 2009

~the working woman's meme~

The Working Woman's Meme

1. How many post it notes are stuck to your computer screen?

None!! I'm a neat freak.

2. Do you have one of those plastic floor covers for your desk chair to roll on?

3. How many (work-related) emails to you receive & send per day?
Right now, maybe 10 tops. I'm still new, this job is part time & it is the lowest stress level job I've ever had.

4. At what part of the day are you the most productive?
Morning - before lunch.

5. How often do you go out to lunch?
Only on my days off (Thurs or Fri)

6. Does your boss pop the collar on his trench coat?

7. Is there someone in your office that you just can't stand?
No, at least not yet. Thank Goodness!

8. What percent of time each day would you say on non-work related tasks? i.e. blogging!
(at least) 50% shhhh. don't tell. (see #3)

9. Do you have a favorite pen that you use everyday?
Not necessarily a favorite, but I tend to use the same pen (or pencil) everyday.

10. Do you listen to music while @ work? If so, what kind?
Occasionally I will get the live stream of the local country station, but not everyday. I have yet to bring in my iPod speaker and set that all up.

Now copy the questions and plug in your answers, then leave me a comment to let me know you played along. Thanks!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm going to play. Not right now because I really need to get started on invoicing (ha! the irony!) but I am marking this in my Reader to come back to!

remember moments said...

Cool. Don't forget to let me know when you post this. :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's up!