Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~consignment, cellular & poop~

~I spent the weekend nearly buried in baby boy clothes & my maternity clothes. Who bought all these things? It is quite the process to tag & prepare each item. I still have some ironing to do too. There is a huge consignment sale coming up here in April. It happens twice a year and in the Fall I attended as a 'buyer', this time around I am a 'consignor'...it's a bittersweet experience holding up those 0-3 month size onesies and then fighting off buckets of tears because my little man doesn't fit in them anymore. :( Boo!! It's also bittersweet coming to terms with the fact that he will be my only one. I guess that's the way it is meant to be.

~Anyway, after pricing everything & tagging them, I have $500 worth of stuff to sell. Wow! I will get 70% of whatever sells. The last day everything goes 1/2 off though and then whatever doesn't sell, I will have to pick up. I thought about donating everything @ the end, but my mom is having a garage sale in May, so I'll give things a try there and then likely donate the rest. The proceeds will just be recycled into getting more clothes for E and then I plan to set aside half for our trip to Myrtle Beach with my dad.

~In going thru the boxes of E's clothes, I came across some plain white onesies which ended up inspiring me to make the decision to create and sell the "monthly onesies"(see pictures) in a set of 12. I'm constantly receiving comments/compliments & inquiries on them, so maybe they can provide me with a bit of cash flow. I hope to pick up the iron on transfers today and get started creating. If you are interested in a set, just let me know here.

~Changing topics, I found out I'm not eligible for a cell phone upgrade until this July. *sigh* So I will hang on to my old phone until then. I was excited to find out about this site to get rid of my old phone. They buy old phones, they even send you the packaging and pay for your shipping. And to make things even better, they plant a tree for every phone that is sold to them. Right now, my phone will yield a whopping $15, but hey, that's better than sitting in my kitchen drawer.

~Really want to attend this conference, but totally bummed out at the realization that there is no way I'll be able to! I think it would be loads of fun and really quite interesting, not to mention that it's taking place in the rockin' city of Chicago!!! Oh how I miss you Chicago!!

~I am addicted to cupcake & baking blogs lately. All it is doing is frustrating me though because I do not have time to bake like I once used to. Argh.

~I got pooped on yesterday. Literally. I was changing E's diaper and apparently he wasn't done yet. Not fun!


Krystyn said...

Those onesies are very cute!

And, getting pooped on is no fun!

Heidi Renée said...

I recently donated our old phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers. It's tax deductible and helps the troops overseas call their loved ones at home!

Tisha Doyle said...

You have a beautiful son! Love the onesies. What a great idea.