Wednesday, July 08, 2009

1st class recap

~so I started my Summer class yesterday. it was less painful than expected, however I think there will be pain forth-coming.

~i have to do two 25 minute counseling sessions and video tape them & turn them in. the 2nd video tape is my final. to add some excitement to the mix, I will have to create a transcript of one of them and analyze it or in other words, make comments about what was actually being said. does not sound like fun. i lost count of how many times the professor said this assignment is a hassle/nightmare and that he had to do 5 of them in one semester before. i guess i will be thankful that we only have to do 1.

~i am currently creating a family genogram or in other words, a fancy picture of my family tree, however you want to refer to it. the fun part was identifying the relationships between the people on the genogram. yes, too many conflictual relationships for my liking, but it will give me lots to write about in the 3-5 page paper that must accompany it. due tuesday.

~i need to watch a movie that has a counseling session in it and write a paper analyzing it and pointing out what I would or would not do differently. i'm leaning towards using the movie "Prime" due thursday.

~that's the thing about a uber short semester/session...things are due immediately. it's crazy stressful. is it august yet?

~there is a good mix of people in the class. we even have one of the basketball players. he is 6'9"!! can't miss him! my perpetual question though surrounding classes is why, why, why is there ALWAYS that ONE person who (1) doesn't shut up and (2) has a question or comment about everything. now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean a question about the material and furthering her learning, more like questions or comments from the peanut gallery, but she's not funny. she's annoying. already. we've only had 1 class. i'm going to try really hard to not let her get to me. she has already shared that she is on her 3rd marriage (WTF!) sorry, I would so NOT be sharing that. then she went on to say that she 'made' her now husband date her for 5 years before she would marry him because she usually runs off the guys at the 5 year mark. it seems that she believes that maybe she is co-teaching the course...i dunno. stay tuned for more on the blabbermouth. or RWP as Veg & Extranjera like to call them. :)


Lisa Michelle said...

OMG...I despise people who talk to much. Half of them talk just to hear themselves talk. UGH. I would love to get the balls to pipe up and say "Shut your PIEHOLE". Have fun in that class. Hopefully she will tone it down a bit.

Rachel said...

There always seem to be that ONE person that can ruin a class! UGH!

The movie Prime is ok. I am not a fan of Uma Thurman. She creeps me out.

~ROW~ said...

Arg! I hate those people that won't shut up! She probably meant that guys run off after five years because she won't shut up!!!! And five years is probably pushing it!Why would she think a class full of strangers should know that after one meeting? Well, good luck with your class!! Fun stuff, it's the counselor in me, such a geek!

emilysuze said...

Why is it always the obnoxious and unfunny that feel that they need to open their mouths constantly?

Good luck dealing with that one. I suggest finding other like minded people in class and make snarky comments about everything she says. May make it a little more tolerable. :)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

ugghh...I think i know the RWP you're talking about. She was in my class last semester. She was so freaking loud everyone heard her "intimate" conversations while waiting for the class to start.

Looks like you have lots of work coming your way!

Extranjera said...

She is sharing her life in class?!?!

I feel so sorry for you. Think about it. She is only onto her marriages so far, and you haven't even had time to indulge in her menstrual cramps or that weird inflammation she had that one time and that is how she found out marriage number 2 had to come to an end...

Should be fun.

foobella said...

Whew, that IS a lot of work. You are so right about every class having a pain in the a**.

Best of luck to you.

Beth said...

There is always that one person who MUST TALK when there is an audience. We have a teacher like that on my staff and I try to not get locked into her stare. It can take years (that is what it feels like) to break away from her. She seems oblivious to it.

Good luck with all your assignments. It may be the nerd in me - but some of the assignments sound kind of neat.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

You are an inspiration to me - with work, school, mommy and home life you are a hero. Too bad you are rewarded by having to deal with irritating people.

Next time she starts, ask her if she actually has a point - that should shut her up.

Good luck..

Anna Kauz said...

Oh gosh, good luck!! I hate when there's someone like that in a class... and there always is :(. And then if there is any chance of getting out early, or on time in some cases. Good luck!