Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to do list

things I need to do this afternoon:

1. stop @ office supply store & buy LASER photo paper to test new printer. not sure it's worth $$ or the hassle though?!?!

2. print photo on new printer & decide whether it's worth keeping. color looked WAY off yesterday & i'm not up for fiddling around with all the color settings. if it's not 'up & running' out of the box, then I don't want it.

3. try one more time to get cardstock to go through printer and also try again to figure out how to print envelopes on above mentioned (PITA) printer. it should NOT be *this* difficult.

4. when above test fails, pack up new printer back into box.

5. set up old printer.

6. put new printer in car to return on Thursday morning.

7. re-kindle my love affair with the easy-to-use, yet slow, wet ink of my InkJet printer

8. dinner for E and me. (babysitter is cooking for us-yay)

9. bath for E.

10. bedtime for E.

11. run on treadmill.

12. CRASH into bed. *yawn*


~**Dawn**~ said...

I will tell you this much: we use all laser printers at work. Only one is color. It was the biggest pain to get set up, of the seven printers we have in the office. Once we did get it up & running though, it's been worth it. I hope yours starts to cooperate.

JW.BW said...

Sounds like a great plan. I hope your new printer works out for you!!

K13 said...

you know, i was SOOOO excited to get this new printer, but after fussing with it for SO long last night, I'm already to the point of giving up. trying to decide if it's worth spending the $20 on the laser photo paper to test it out. i tried and tried to get envelopes to print. no luck. instruction manual sucks. many others said the same in on-line reviews, so I know i'm not an idiot. one big reason i wanted it was to print on cardstock for scrapbooking projects - 1st piece of cardstock through the printer got all effed up.

i'm really ready to just give up on it.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I sucks when something you've been waiting for or wanting turns out to be a lemon.

We have a laser and a ink jet printer and nothing compares to the photos printed on the ink jet. We found some really cool paper for the ink jet, but haven't tried it yet - linen, canvas and rice paper.

The Novelista Barista said...

ahhh fun. i hate setting up printers. for some reason it never works like it is supposed to !

emilysuze said...

No bueno. Sucks that you went through all that original hassle to the printer and now it's even more of a hassle out of the box.

Good luck either figuring it out or retuning it with a minimum of grief.