Monday, July 20, 2009

so freakin' annoying

I think a Monday is perfect for creating a list of things that annoy the crap outta me...feel free to add what annoys you in the Comments!! Vent away....

~over air-conditioned restaurants, buildings, movie theaters, classrooms etc!! Just because it's 90+ freakin' degrees outside, does NOT mean the AC inside should be on 60! I have to carry a sweater with me all summer long & that is just plain WRONG!

~drivers on campus who pay NO attention and thereby almost run me over while I'm in the MIDDLE of the crosswalk. (has happened twice so far this year)

~rude people. duh! this one is a given. especially now that I'm part of the RWP Sorority!

~a pack of scrapbook letters missing all the letters that you need for your current page/project.

~people who don't respond to emails.

~getting stuck on the phone for WAY longer than necessary.


~I am certain there are many, many more but my brain is not functioning so well this early in the morning.


Rachel said...

Rude people are the worst!!
And I was driving to work this morning (past the University of Akron) and I saw some dude hit a bicyclist! I was in shock. I almost called the cops for the poor dude (bicyclist). Cause the car driver looked majorly sketchy.

JW.BW said...

People who dont let you merge when a lane is closed.

People who dont wipe their sweat off of gym equipment (SO GROSS!!)

Parents who dont let their kids play sports because they are afraid they will get hurt... be serious

People who try to make others look bad to make themselves look better.

People who live off their childrens support money because they are too irresponsible and lazy to hold a job like a normal human being.

People who bail their children out time and again because they are afraid their kids wont like them if they dont...

People who feed their kids CRAP all them time because its EASIER than making them dinner.

geez... obvioulsy im going thru some things right now with the retarded exs of my honey... ugh im soooooo annoyed!!!! i hate even thinking about it!!!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Whoa! I love the list above! I was just going to add the snarky little brats (well, they were probably my age, actually) who tried to ruin my HP experience at the movie theater last night. They talked through the ENTIRE movie, even after we turned around and glared at them, made loud comments about how rude they were, and then we finally moved. Ugh. People suck.

Not to mention the fact that this was at the 10:00 show, because we got to the 8PM one and it was sold out. On a Sunday. So now I'm dragging at work. Yep, I'm annoyed with life, too.

PS: The bike trailer is cute.

Sara said...

1. Rude People who don't say thankyou or wave thanks if you let them out a junction etc.
2. People who phone you at stupid o'clock.
3.Having no air-con whatsoever on at work and then saying oh it's already on we cant turn it up anymore.
4. Kev's mate Pete.
5. People who throw their stuff on the counter at work and then expect you to be nice nice with them....yeah right!
6. People who answer their phone when they're at your till and launch into a full blown convo with the person on the other end and then ignore you until they've finished, letting the queue build up behind them!
7. People interupting mid conversation.
8. Anyone who rings my dad's work and refuses to tell me who they are, what they want and where they're calling from. Those that hang up as soon as i say he's not in are the worst ones!
9. People who stare at my ickle Kev as he walks past them...he can't help the way his is!
10. People who come to the bar after me and get served before me!

Honestly I could go on and on and on...but I don't wanna rant too much. But then again it is monday after all!

for the love of pictures said...

1. People who don't cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze;

2. Loud talkers who decide to use their cell phones on crowded buses or trains, or in the theater during the movie;

3. People who decide to drop their trash in the street when there is a garbage can just steps away; and

4. People who touch other people's things without permission.

Ahhh, that mini-rant felt good :)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Hey - you're over 700 followers! I work in an over airconditioned building. I need to have a heater on at all times. I have a sweater and blanket stored under my desk for the really bad days. Everynow and then it gets as cold as 60 in here.

As for the not responding to e-mails part...ummm, hope you don't mean me. I went kind of analog this weekend.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Well you know how I feel about the a/c issue via Twitter & I know sometimes I am (unintentionally) really slow to reply to emails so feel free to light a fire under me. ;-)

Added to the list: telemarketers, people who can't be bothered to use their turn signals and people who over-share their personal lives at work.

Krystyn said...

The over-air-conditioning thing is sooo annoying. It's even worse in the south.

em said...

I'm SO with you on the cold thing. When I was in grad school the last couple summers all the buildings were SO cold you had to have like a sweatshirt AND a long sleeved shirt on. Then you went outside and it was 95. I got sick every summer.

And the scrapbook always does work out that way. Ugh!

Kelly said...

I SO agree with you about the first one - it drives me CRAZY that I have to wear a jacket in restaurants and movie theatres in JULY.

emilysuze said...

1) Women who give me dirty looks for saying an epidural was a great thing. I fully plan on taking drugs if/when we have Baby #2. I don't give dirty looks to women who went natural, jeez.

2) Blowing your nose at the table while people are eating. Gross.

3) Spouses who hook up with old flings on Facebook or Myspace and then decide to leave their families for someone they knew 10 years ago for 30 seconds.

4) People who don't know how to merge.

5) Drivers who aren't curteous to bikers/walkers/joggers/

6) Military spouses that cheat. Seriously, if you hate being married that much, just get a freakin' divorce already so your negative energy stops infecting all of the other marriages around you--making the rest of us worry that our spouses are cheating overseas or making our spouses think that we've found replacements for them while they're gone. Arg.

Can you tell that I'm on a cheating sucks rampage? Six guys that C works with got Dear John letters while they were deployed and then two couples that I know are splitting up.

And I hate to say that I'm jealous of your a/c situation. I'm dying out here with no air conditioning. The only buildings that do have it are businesses and they use it sparingly. :(

M.J. said...

The temperature regulation issue also pisses me off. This is the only country where you need a jacket inside in the summer, and a tank top inside in the winter.