Thursday, July 09, 2009

hairdresser dilemma

~i have been using the same hairdresser for 4 years now, ever since I moved here. my mom also uses her and we like her. she is fun, a bit dippy, but very nice.

~time's they are a changing...isn't that how it goes?

~my hairdresser frequently makes statements regarding her low finances, especially at times when her husband was out of work. that's fine. i don't mind the conversation, heck i'm in the same boat anyway.

~so here's the thing. for the past 4-6 months, my hairdresser has apparently forgotten how to tell time. every.single.appointment I've had with her recently she has been running VERY late, i'm not talking 10-15 minutes, more like 45!! now some may say this is typical in the industry and I can agree somewhat, however this never used to happen and it has all of a sudden become standard with her. heck, even O would go up and see her for his super duper special army haircuts (shaved head) before his drill weekends. she kept him waiting for as long as 45 minutes. one time she even told him if he had something to do, such as an errand, he could go to that and come back. well, what in the hell is the point in even making an appointment then? she obviously does not respect them. just this past Friday my mom had a 10am appointment. I had a 1:45pm appointment. at 10:45am my mom called and said that I probably didn't want to come up there since she was already running SO far behind so early in the morning. I cancelled.

~now i've always been a punctual person so these things really annoy me, but now with E in the picture, I'm even more annoyed. I have to arrange for someone to watch E so I can go get my freakin' haircut. that is usually O and the times when he is home & when hairdresser has available appointment time is slim. very slim. that 1:45pm appointment last week was actually for E to get a trim. there is NO way I'm taking him up there only to have to entertain him for an additional 45 minutes IN THE SALON until she can actually cut his hair. 17 month olds do not have that kind of patience. she has kids. she knows this, but apparently it doesn't matter.

~so silly me just won't give up. on monday I texted her to see if she could give me a trim on tuesday night. she wrote back that she is not working (at night) and offered wednesday. i didn't want to do wednesday since it's my running night, but i need a haircut so I said sure and asked her to let me know what time she had available. she would not be able to tell me until she got into the shop. now...that is freakin' annoying too. she is the most inconsistent person EVER. she has a Blackberry, which she excitedly pointed out to me a few months ago and said she would keep her appointments on her BB and so I could contact her directly to make my appointments as she prefers that vs. using the salon front desk. obviously she isn't keeping them on there anymore since she couldn't give me a time. I was expecting her call Tuesday morning to give me a time for Wed night. she never called. remember she keeps saying she has no money and cannot afford to take a Saturday off from time to time, but she also can't call me to schedule my appointment in which I would be PAYING her. WTF!

~so now that she hasn't called, I'm beyond annoyed and progressing along at a rapid pace into the pissed off category. it is hard to feel this way because she is a really sweet person. so sweet in that she threw me a baby shower. yep. she has become more than just a hairdresser over the years, even though she is flakey when it comes to being a friend and trying to do things outside the shop...they never work out. she is a poor planner. duh!

~so i really need a haircut. my options are (1) sucking it up and calling her, but then juggling schedules to figure out when O is home and whether she has time to fit me in. Oh and that's the thing, it's always "fitting me in" which in my book translates to "i will be running late". This would not be as painful if they had WiFi to help pass the time, but no, plus I always feel rushed to get back home because inevitably O will call and say that E is getting fussy and blah blah blah. (another story for another day) Option (2) going back to the Aveda shop in the mall to the gal who cut my hair a couple months ago when I was previously annoyed with hairdresser. The bad part about that: she charges more and I'm on a ridiculously tight budget. Growing my hair out is NOT an option, just in case you felt like suggesting that.


Beth said...

I'm always on time and I totally understand how annoying it is when someone is ALWAYS late (my sister should totally be reading this). I'd call her one more time and tell her that it is becoming difficult to use her because of the time issues. It isn't anything personal - but you are punctual and she is not. If she can't get it under control, it is time to move on.

M.J. said...

I would pay more for prompt service--time is money!

Besides, the whole point of capitalism is that we change society through our spending. For example, if everyone refuses to buy gas guzzling SUVs, then car manufacturers will stop making them. Similarly, if you and others stop supporting this hairdresser's bad customer service skills, she'll change her ways or go out og business. Ah, capitalism....

BeeOhVee said...

I can completely understand your dilema. It sounds a bit like she's letting issues from her personal life interfere with her professional life and it's resulting in carelessness in terms of working in a timely fashion.

I agree with the previous post. You should give her a call to let her know this is an issue. At the same time though, I would start getting hairdresser recommendations from other people, just to be prepared.

It stinks fining a new hairdresser, but you also need someone who respects your time.

Anonymous said...

I'd be a little ticked off as well.
I'd try talking to her since you said she's more than a hair dresser.
Point out to her that every time you make an appt, she's late and that's not acceptable. Especially if you go to her all the time!

If she can't work it out, I'd look into finding a new hairstylist.

KekeLynn said...

I don't think 45 minutes past your appointment time is normal or even remotely acceptable.

I am one of those people who is always on time and if someone tells me 1pm I will be there at 1pm if not before. I expect the same respect from others in return, ESPECIALLY someone I'm paying!!!

I would find someone new!

JW.BW said...

You are way more paitent than I am!! I cant stand people who are late!! Maybe you should confront her and let her know that you are considering finding a new hair dresser if she cant keep your appointments. If you get no where its time to find a new one!!!
Good luck!!

Lisa Michelle said...

I love my Aveda salon. They always do such a nice job and also every hair appointment I either get a scalp massage or a hand massage. And it almost never stinks in that salon. When I go to a regular non-Aveda salon I get headaches from the chemicals in the perms and hair dyes. So I choose Aveda. Personal opinion of course.

But if that lady can't be on time, it is time to move on or be up front with her and tell her you aren't going to take it anymore. Either she respects your appointment time or she loses a customer. Simple as that.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I can't stand when other people think their time is more valuable than yours. Definitely one of my biggest bet peeves.

This is a tough situation. Changing hairdressers is like breaking up with someone.

Maybe you could kindly speak to her? Not sure if you would feel comfortable doing that though..not sure if I would either.

Ok...I say talked to her about your concerns and approach it as a "I'm concerned about you" talk. OR go to a new hairdresser. Final answer!

Rachel said...

Ohhh boy. People who are late annoy me as well. Your feelings on this are completely understandable.

Can't wait til I get to guest post for you and tell your readers how to get free haircuts! :) {which, by the way, is now written!}

Tricia said...

I would call - you need the haircut! :) I would also mention the problem to her about how late she has become and she should probably schedule more time between appointments to avoid this annoying wait for her customers.

I dumped my hairdresser in Cincinnati for this. She was over 45 minutes late and made me and my mom wait when we were getting our hair done for my wedding day!!!! I didn't tip her for my wedding day hair cause she made us so late.

Neurotic Atty said...

Breaking up with a hairdresser is ALWAYS hard. I don't know why, but it is, especially if they become a friend. However, I think you have to do it. Getting an appointment to get your hair cut shouldn't be this stressful!

This same thing happened to me a few years ago. I hemmed and hawed over it for WEEKS before I finally called another salon and made an appointment there. I felt awful for it, but the good news is that, really, I have never run into him again. In the end, it turned out our relationship was based entirely within the walls of the salon, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And Lord knows my hair cutting life has been much less stressful since then!

emilysuze said...

If she's so broke, why the heck is she not more flexible and on top of things? And how did she afford a flippin' Blackberry? I can't handle flaky people (even though I can be a total flake myself at times).


I would have been done with her long before this. I know the Aveda salon is more expensive, but at least you won't be wasting your time or stressing about E.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Hmmm - tough one, although I would say your time is worth far more than waiting for your hairdresser. Time to "cut" her loose...

Children of the 90s said...

It's definitely annoying having to continually deal with someone who is late when you make an effort to be punctual. Hairdressers can be tricky, though, I have so much trouble switching. It really is like breaking up with someone, and it's hard to have someone new handle your hair.

Maybe you could talk to her about it at your next appointment. If it doesn't work out, you should check if there's an Aveda institute or other teaching site. Their instructors supervise the student stylists and it's usually pretty cheap!

Anonymous said...

Invite her over for dinner, and have her cut your hair at your place.

MOMSWEB said...

I would have been gone!