Friday, July 24, 2009


~even though my work weeks are shorter than most, I'm SO glad it's Friday.

~i am relieved that my Midterm is behind me. I did "ok" but dang I hate essay questions!!

~i have been sore in a particular area (related to weaning E, you figure it out) and only on 1 side. finally the pain/discomfort is easing up, but bizarre that it took a week to start hurting. also, i'm lopsided..cannot wait for that to resolve itself.

~i'm chopping my hair this saturday. going really short.

~made a cute mini-album to document E's first trip to the beach. just happy to have a little scrapbooking time.

~i've been embracing my 'alone-time' this week. I get 2 more days next week too.

~i'm going for an interview @ a pre-school this morning @ 10am. i've applied as a substitute teacher and the best part, E can go with me if/when I work. i really hope i get the job. i could use the extra cash too.

~i'm running a 5K race this Saturday. hoping to take ALOT of time off my last time. *crossing fingers*


Rachel said...

Hope your girls are feeling less sore soon! And didn't you just get a haircut, little lady? :P

Congrats on the interview! I'm sure you'll rock it! And good luck on your race tomorrow! :)

M.J. said...


I hope you'll post pictures of the new short 'do. I am way too chicken to chop off my own hair!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Happy Friday! Good luck with the interview - my fingers are crossed.

Hope the lopsided issue resolves itself to; however I hate to say I'm still lopsided after 17 years - UGHH!

Moonjava said...

Oooh, haircut! Please post a pic! ;)

emilysuze said...

I had the same lopsided problem with the girls while I was waiting for them to stop producing. :)

Good luck with the interview and have fun tomorrow with your 5k! Can't wait to hear what the new time is!

Señorita Andalucíana said...

I'm so thankful it's Friday also. I hate my job today.

The Novelista Barista said...

post pics!!!! cant wiat to see ! and good luck at ur race!!!!!!

K13 said...

Rachel: yes, I did JUST get a haircut, but it's been a hassle and I want to go shorter, at least right now, for the summer.

MJ-I will try to take a picture of me and my hair-do that is blog-suitable. Oh and I'm not cutting it myself.

Travel Girl: I sure hope I'm not still lopsided 17 years from now. or at least that it's not SO obvious.

Moonjava: will try to post a pic.

Emily: Thank you!!! I'm hoping for a better time!!

Andaluciana: sorry to hear about the poopy job day today.

NB: ok, ok, pics to come. Thank you for well wishes on the 5K.