Monday, July 06, 2009

random thoughts

~school starts back this week. it's a 5 week semester. i am both dreading it and looking forward to it. it will be nice to get a class out of the way in only 5 weeks, but I'm thinking those 5 weeks will be somewhat hell-ish.

~I still need guest posters for August 8-15. Inquire within. or in other words: let me know if you are interested.

~feeling a bit deflated on the running right now. cannot believe how sore I was from the 5K race on Friday. two full days of soreness. hoping I can successfully run tonight on the treadmill.

~I have officially began the 100 push up challenge. I am even enjoying it. Chele & Optimistic Pessimist have joined me too!

~looks like the weaning process will begin again next Sunday or Monday night. My mom's husband is going out of town so O will go stay over there. AGAIN!! Not looking forward to this, but it DOES need to be done...especially after the past two nights when E has been super-restless and I've gotten a combined 9-10 hours of sleep. Not good.

~last night I booked a room at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort for the Princess 1/2 Marathon. So excited!!

~crazy humidity here today. my hair & humidity DO NOT get along. remind me to cut it really short before leaving for the race next March.

~may I suggest that if you don't already have your email attached to your blog, it's really a great feature, that way when you comment on someone's blog (like mine), then I can email you back directly with a response or additional comments. this is especially helpful when you have a question of the blog owner.

~it's fun to watch how many followers I have on this blog, but what is even funnier is that I cannot seem to hit 700. I was at 698 a couple days ago, so I guess 4 people found me uninteresting and stopped following. Oh well. It would be nice to hit 700 though. just sayin'. :)


em said...

How did all these 700 people find you?? You are like a rockstar!

Beth said...

Now I just want to beat up the people who dropped you. They obviously need some straightening out...

I'm really, really, really wanting to do the 1/2 marathon. Hopefully I'll sign up this month.

And run even if you are sore. It'll work out some of the kinks and get your spirits up. You are being too hard on yourself. Think of all the people who won't even run 5 minutes much less a 5K.

Mrs. C said...

Congrats again on finishing your run! My hair and humidity don't get along AT ALL!

JW.BW said...

I hear ya on the humidity, I am sooo not use to the VA weather right now. Its brutal.

I looked at the 100 pushup challenge, looks like fun! I signed up, I just hope I remember to do them in the morning when I get up!

Please dont get discouraged with running. You have to set goals for where you are now, not where you were 3 years ago. Dont ask too much of yourself. Set many mini goals and try not to expect too much too soon. It takes time, and lots of it to get better. Adding some yoga to your workout routine will help too. You really are doing great, just keep it up!!!


emilysuze said...

The one good thing about living in Washington is the lack of humidity. :)

And very exciting that you have your resort booked! I've never stayed at any of the resorts but I bet it's going to be fabulous!

Heidi Renée said...

I love Port Orleans! I've stayed there on family trips twice.

Daphne said...

Ill be your guest poster for 8/8/09

MOMSWEB said...

You want to hit the 700 mark in THAT'S funny. Some would love to hit 20 (lol). Enjoyed visiting today!

April said...

Ooh, BIg D and I stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort at Disney for our honeymoon! I loved it!

M.J. said...

I would love to guest post for you....Let me try to write something up and e-mail it to you this week. I should be able to come up with a good "vacation" story (with pics) from my days of backpacking in Latin America.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Ha! i love how you're holding me to the push-up challenge...AND that you've mentioned I'm DOING it...I need this kind of accountability. Technically I'm not starting it until monday, but know that I absolutely have to do it now!!!

Also - best of luck with weaning E! I'll definitely be thinking of you while trying to massage my sore arms!

CC. said...

im joining the 100 push up challenge!!!!! wahooooo vamosss chiquita!

Anna Kauz said...

Don't you hate when people decide you aren't interesting anymore?

I stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort a few years ago and it was amazing!!!!

Good luck with school :), and the weaning again!!