Friday, December 11, 2009

feels like saturday

~I guess that's what happens when you only work 4 hours THE WHOLE WEEK!! that's about 16 hours short of what I'm supposed to work each week...and I'm still 4 hours in the hole from when I was sick an entire week. lovely!

~while i'd like to say how wonderful it has been being off of work all week...the only reason it happened it because E has been sick...WAY too sick to go to daycare. can't wait to pay them for their fine service this week. (yes, you still have to pay if your kid is sick or doesn't attend-I hate that...but understand it...sort of).

~on wednesday he took a turn for the worse (103.7 fever!!) and we returned to the Ped after seeing her on Monday. the antibiotics he was on were doing NOTHING and so the lucky little guy got a shot. ouch!

~later that day I drove cross town to campus for my appointment with a sports doctor to look at my shoulder. it's messed up...big least that's how it feels. turns out after my exam and 4 x-rays...she says it's probably tendonitis/bursitis...really? WTH? it's way too painful to *just* be that. so now I have to do arm/shoulder exercises everyday, take an anti-inflammatory pill & ice daily!! yeah, we know what the chances of that happening (daily) are...not very good. wednesday I did the exercises. thursday I picked up & took the meds....maybe today i'll ice it. i suck at these kinds of healing plans. i do hope to get better at it though because I have to return to see her in 3-4 weeks and I don't want to fabricate my story about it not being ANY better when I followed (exactly) her instructions. :) so even though it's freakin' cold outside...i'll ice my shoulder.

~the doc asked how I injured it and sadly I did not have a concrete answer for her. i really have no idea, however earlier in the day on wednesday as I lifted my 27.8lb son into his car seat...I wanted to scream out in i think it's safe to say that lifting & carrying him around is NOT helping. his car seat is in the middle of my backseat (it's the safest place!) and the movement of leaning over to plop him in place is hard. so now I will be more patient and let him climb into his seat...he's a big boy anyway, he can do it.

~on thursday we trekked back to the Ped for a follow-up and thankfully he was doing MUCH better, although not quite 100%. she mentioned giving him another shot, but then decided to try a breathing treatment. it made a huge difference (so she said after listening to his lungs post-treatment) and so we went home with a nebulizer & picked up some Albuterol at the Kroger Pharmacy to do breathing treatments 3x each day through Sunday. I can already see a significant decrease in his nasty cough. Hooray. He hates the breathing treatments though. it takes about 10 minutes and he tolerates maybe 2-3 sitting still and then I have to chase him around the coffee table trying to get as much steam in his face as's a blast...really. i should get the video camera out for this...he also got a new antibiotic too. after all of this...all I have to say is he BETTER NOT get sick for the rest of the month...we are flying on the 26th and flying with a 22 month old is scary enough, i don't want to fly with a semi-sick and/or congested 22 month old....nightmare!!

~so while today is friday, it feels like saturday to me. E and i are meeting mom @ the mall for lunch & some (window) shopping. i do have to buy my immediate family Hallmark cards though, so i'll get them outta the way while there. E was going to have his pictures taken with Santa on monday (not at the mall) but with him being significantly UNDER the weather, we changed the appointment to today at 3pm. there is a local photo store here and they have the most rockin' Santa EVER...seriously!! We went there last year and even though E was not crazy about Santa, we got a few good pictures. They only charge $25 (same or less as mall) and they take their time, you don't wait in line & you get an 8x10 included. that is my biggest complaint though...who the heck wants an 8x10 of their kid w/Santa?!?! not like i'm going to frame it, ya' know? so it's all a big scam so that you then order a few 4x6 size etc.. and they make more money. all things considered however, it's still better than standing in line @ the mall for some creepy Santa.

~and the highlight (seriously!) of my weekend will be being a single mom...through Sunday. O is being sent a couple hours away for a job that has to be done over the weekend (yay for pre-Christmas OT hours!!). He left early this morning and won't be back 'til Sunday. O wants E and I to drive up there on Saturday night to stay with him, but I'm thinking "UM NO"....I would rather savor my "single" time...every last second possible. The funny part is that we had been planning to go to this same area on Sunday to visit my dad anyway. He will be 73 on the 15th and so we are meeting my sister & her husband there and taking him out to lunch/dinner to celebrate. We also all went in on buying him a Kindle as he is a MAJOR bookworm. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it.

~so since E and I will have the day to ourselves on Saturday, we will do our regular grocery shopping errands...i guess i'll have to do the grocery shopping this week since O will be out of town. grocery shopping will be followed with a lovely Christmas cookie baking session. due to being on WW though, the cookie extravaganza has been cut back to ONLY making the delicious Peanut Butter know, the ones with the Hershey Kiss in the middle. Yum!! Do you ever wonder WHY they are a "holiday" or "Christmas" cookie though? Nothing about them really "screams" Christmas. It's not like they are gingerbread flavor or have eggnog in them or some other bizarre holiday ingredient.

~on an unrelated note...about a week ago i applied to work at the Starbucks inside our local Kroger. a gal I knew there is moving & she said they are hiring for her spot and she'd put a good word in for me. when E and I went to Kroger Thursday morning, i talked with the other gal there that I know (i go there too often) and she offered to write down my name and talk to the HR lady on my behalf. She also suggested calling the HR lady myself in the afternoon...which I did...and got the lovely response of "the managers are reviewing applications & will call you if they are interested"....really? she made it sound as if NO ONE had said ANYTHING to her AT ALL. i'm certain that at least the gal I spoke with today DID talk to the HR lady. she sure seemed nasty to me on the phone though.  oh well.


Rachel said...

I'm glad E is feeling better! :)

emilysuze said...

Thank goodness for E feeling better! Hopefully he'll be tip top by the time for your flight to Dallas. Have fun being a single lady this weekend. I'm soaking up my last few hours of having the house to myself and having the house it horrible that I look forward to deployments these days?

K13 said...


Emily-It's not horrible to look forward to deployments...I wish I had them to look forward too!! Still holding out a glimmer of hope that he'll sign back up for the Nat'l Guard...*sigh* And my weekend of fun & freedom got cut short...he's coming home today instead of tomorrow. Boo!

M.J. said...

I'm glad to hear that E is feeling better. A temperature of +103 is no joke--you must have been so worried.

Nichole M said...

I'm glad E's better! Kids illnesses are such a mystery to me... kids are NOT little adults!