Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday to do...

~i'm officially DONE with the semester. woohoo!! completed my dreaded Stats final tonight. it was somewhat painful, but I'm glad it's behind me.

~on to the weekend...busy day Saturday. I have quite the to-do list:

~vacuum house.

~grocery shopping 

~finish putting up outdoor Christmas lights. (brrrr!)

~put up Christmas tree & decorate.

~meet lady @ 3:45 @ local McDonalds to complete one Craigslist transaction

~meet quilt lady @ same McDonalds to get my quilt...all I have to do is the binding & it will be complete!!

~go to mom's house. have her take pictures for our Christmas cards...hopefully we get a decent picture.

~leave E with grandma & off to dinner & a movie...a quarterly occurrence in this household.

~we are going to see "2012"....not my first choice...oh well.


Nichole M said...

Congratulations on finishing your semester! Another notch in your belt toward the end goal!

Rachel said...

Have a good day girly! 2012 was pretty good, but really long!

Anonymous said...

So what do you not do right at the food store. Do you not get the right junk food? Or does O just like food shopping, but refuses to take E alone?

And do you at least enjoy your quarterly date night? I keep wishing that at least you sometimes have some fun with O.

K13 said...

Amy-I don't get the right things he wants apparently. Quit wishing...

Anonymous said...

Has he not heard of a list?! I know, I am applying logic where none applies. I do remember you posting about this once before, that he insists on coming with you and insists that you all go.

And I will not quit wishing!