Saturday, December 26, 2009 we come!!

~E and I are headed to Texas today!!!

~Wish me luck as this will be his first flight and to say I'm nervous would be an extreme understatement.

~I fear that all that complaining about kids on airplanes when I was single may backfire on me now and I may become *THAT* mom with the noisy child. Oh I sure hope not. Thankfully it's only about a 2 hour flight.

~I've downloaded a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes to my iTouch for him and I'm banking on them to help us through the trip. If not, there's always the alcoholic drinks on board, right? For me AND him. Kidding!! Or not.

~This is my first trip back to TX since March 2007.

~I'm SUPER excited to finally be meeting a long time fellow blogger & fantastic photographer....Miss Andie!!! Woohoo!! We are going to take lots of pictures (yay!) & eat some good food (double yay!)...maybe even some frozen yogurt...I heard she likes it! So do I!!

~On Sunday, the 27th, E and I will be having lunch with 2 gals i used to work with way back in 1997!!! A LONG TIME AGO!! I cannot wait to catch up with both of them.

~I also hope to visit with a scrapbooking friend, although we won't scrapbook, it will be nice to catch up and she can meet E too.

~There are so many things I want to do on this quick name a few...Ikea, Stonebriar Mall (love the atmosphere & they have a merry-go-round), Yummy Restaurants...too many to name.


Valerie said...

Have fun in Texas!!!

~ROW~ said...

I love Texas! I went over New Years to El Paso (not as lovely as the I 35 corridor) and had BBQ. They have the best food! Hope you enjoy!