Tuesday, December 01, 2009


~whoa...this quilting interest of mine is getting out of hand.

~i am finding (way too) many fabrics that I need want.

~now that someone showed me that Etsy sells SUPPLIES for crafting & not just completed crafty items...well, i'm crazy addicted to that sight. this may cause me to have to file bankruptcy. kidding...but I could easily spend a small fortune there.

~i am also a bit confused on some of the quilting lingo...for example...they sell "rolls" of fabric, cut into 2.5x40 inch strips...they are called JELLY ROLLS!

~there is also a smaller roll referred to as a DESSERT ROLL!!

~and then there is a packet of cut pieces called a LAYER CAKE!! WTH?

~oh and this interest of mine is not just limited to quilting...it's sewing in general.

~you saw the crayon roll ups...well i've since made 3 more and have another in progress.

~i want to make a scarf! similar to this one. i love it! I found a tutorial here to help me along.

~then there's this 'coin quilt' (another strange name) i want to make...i love the fabrics too, may have to replicate this one.

~i'm also trying to make these little zippered pouches (NOT that fabric though). I'm a bit stuck on cutting down the zipper...it has to be whip-stitched after it's cut down! I also need a zipper foot for my sewing machine...which apparently is either a high shank or low shank...um, ok, whatever that means. I need to remove the entire foot & take to the store so they can tell me what kind I need. I forgot to take it to JoAnns today. Boo! I love the fabric i'm using for these so I'll post it when I've got one completed.

~then there's this one!! see what I mean?! I cannot stop. It's addicting. This orange quilt is just so freakin' adorable though.

~and well...i bought these fabrics (yes, from Etsy) last week so I can make a quilt similar to this one. it just screams fun! look at those colors!

~oh and um, i sort of bought these fabrics too...to make a quilt for E.

~someone needs to take away my internet access...

~i would really like to take a quilting class to at least see if i could manage the actual quilting part of the process. i need to see if my sewing machine even has the capability. honestly, many people have the quilting done elsewhere & focus on the piecing of the quilt top and back (that's the fun part anyway). i'm hoping the lady who is quilting my 1st quilt calls soon to say it's ready. she thought she'd get it done over the holiday.

~my current WIPs (works in progress) include a pink color-themed quilt for ME. i'm still cutting pieces as well as collecting a few more patterns. working on one crayon roll & i have those zipper pouches in progress, but can't do more 'til I get that zipper foot.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

Ahhh isn't it fun to find something to obsess over!!??!?!?!

I have a couple blogs that I read that you might like. The Snapdragon one is actually written by a girl who was my TA in college and she is the oldest soul I've ever met...her interests are very wide and she is so creative!! (I don't think she knows I read, though) and then her mom, who is an A-MAZING quilter. Check them out, they're fun!


Moonjava said...

You know, I love starting projects, but I have such a hard time finishing them. :P

Started a crochet infinity scarf...still chugging away at it.

Travel & Dive Girl said...

I love your choice of fabrics. I've never been great a sewing, but have always been drawn to quilting. Maybe one day, I'll give it a try.

My son (yes, the boy) is in the process of making a quilt for his fashion class - it's a long story, but the short of it, he needed a credit and he thought WTH. Anyhow, he is totally into it and is actually pretty good at it. Let's hope the momentum sticks and he actually finises it.

Anonymous said...

I tried to take up quilting once, but since I don't sew and don't know how to use a sewing machine, I gave up in an evening. I should get back to crocheting all the crap I have yarn for.