Friday, December 18, 2009

quilt 2 in progress & other sewing endeavors

finished piecing this tonight. now have to come up with a back for it, then it will be ready for quilting. it measures 40x60 (or so)

still haven't completed my 1st quilt...procrastinating on doing the binding as it frightens me.

also trying to put together an "artsy clutch" but i don't have the little elastic loop...

also working on quilt #3 which is the PINK THEME quilt for me.

i met a lady on line who said she'd send me a bunch of her stash as she just has TOO much and used to work for a fabric company so she is always getting more and more...i'm waiting for the package of goodies to arrive to see if there is any pink fabric I can use as well as a fabric that would work for the binding on quilt #1.

i need to make another checkbook like the one I made the other day. my aunt says she needs a new checkbook and then the daycare owner/friend said the same thing.

oh and i'm also working on this cute little camera case (for my point & shoot)...sort of stuck on the binding here as well...ugh. and then I'll have to do a button hole and that freaks me out beyond belief...

really hoping that someday (soon) i get good enough at this to put a few things in my etsy shop...*sigh*


Anonymous said...

I love this use of Red Letter Day! It looks adorable! I have some of that fabric but picked a pattern that has pieces that are really too small to really show it off. :D

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that binding isn't as bad as it seems! I was terrified of it when I finished my first quilt a year ago. People kept telling me it wasn't scary but I didn't believe them. But believe me! It's not that bad! Hee!

Good luck with the binding and all your other projects!

Smileyfreak said...

Wow what an amazing quilt :) Well done! Competition on

Check it out!


em said...

Love those fabrics! :)