Monday, December 21, 2009


~that is what I will be doing on Tuesday....all day!

~why you ask?...well, because I will be the ONLY Grad Assistant in the office this week, even though it's only 2 days, it's TWO days longer than any of the other GAs. I say "UNFAIR"!!!!

~GA #1 went home to TX TWO weeks ago already...and still gets paid the full month...technically we are "salaried"

~GA #2 lives locally and was MIA last week so I'm assuming she will not be there this week either. Wonder what happened to the 20 hour work week for GAs.

~GAs #3 and 4 - their supervisors are out this week and so told them they didn't need to come in. Wow!! How nice is that!! Again, they will still be paid the full month....AND did I mention that one of them was out last week with her sick child....just like I was the week before...yet I will be reporting to work at 8am (ish) on Tuesday and I will NOT be even a little bit happy about it.

~who wants to place a wager on whether my supervisor comes and tells me I can leave early or that I don't have to come in on Wednesday??? I'm not thinking there is a good chance of that.

~so freakin' unfair.

~i'm pissed really.


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Your supervisor sounds exactly like my boss. When everyone else is "excused" early or told they don't need to come in, I'm still here. This place (like yours) is full of double-standards and it's not fair! Pout away - I'm with you.

Rachel said...

I feel ya, girl. I hope this day gets better for you and that it goes by FAST!

emilysuze said...

Sounds like you have a super awesome boss. Boo. You should bring your sewing machine into work with you. :)

lindsay said...

that is super frustrating!! hang in there and don't let it affect the time you do eventually get with your family.