Wednesday, December 16, 2009


~i've been reminiscing lately, particularly about the past year which in turn led to thoughts of 2008 (yes, 2008, not 2009)...a difficult year and one in which I would not normally rate high on "my fave years" scale, except for E's birth of course....but now the more I think of it, 2008 was pretty darn great! (that rhymed!) Here's why...

~feb 2008: E was born.

~may 2008: job fiasco, which sucked @ the time, but it turned out that I got to spend the rest of the year at home with E and that rocked.

~august 2008: ran into a gal @ the mall who was in my birthing class and who now has evolved into my best-mom-friend.

~august 2008: started taking E to Mother Goose classes with above mentioned friend. rhymes, singing, playing, stories...tons of fun!

~september 2008: started participating in bi-weekly play group, which was great fun at the time, despite the big "crash -n- burn" it turned out to be recently.

~october 2008: no obligations to get up early, be anywhere, do anything...could stay in my PJs with E all day long if I wanted to.

november 2008:
pushed E around the mall in his stroller as I casually window shopped fantasizing that I had countless dollars to spend there.

~december 2008: interviewed & received GA position @ UT so I could return to finish my Masters.

So it was fun while it lasted. 2009 has sucked in comparison. here's hoping 2010 is on the upswing.

*this is your "positive-themed" post of the month. I cannot promise another "happy" post prior to year end...but it's always possible...just not likely.


Nichole M said...

Isn't it amazing what a little perspective will do? I also thought that 2008 sucked ass. And then this year happened and made 2008 look like a walk in the park. I'm certainly ready for a fresh start in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so with you, 2009 was the most effing craptastic year in all of my 34 years on this planet. Here's hoping our 2010 is better!

And I still haven't gone to any mom's groups or baby-play time. They are all at such inconvenient times (i.e., nap time), and early! I am not getting up at 7 so I can shower, then change and feed the girls, just to go clap my hands to Mother Goose at the library.

M.J. said...

You've had a quite a year! I wish you all the best in 2010 (and beyond). :)