Thursday, December 10, 2009

sewing: love & hate

~i am enjoying sewing....when things turn out as they should & look "normal"...which honestly is not often.

~i don't sew straight lines very often...I think there is a little "guide" I can get to attach to my sewing machine to help with this...going to hunt that down tomorrow.

~i'm SO frustrated right now cuz I bought THIS KIT...looks super easy, right? Like, anyone could make these!! Well, apparently anyone BUT me...why when I cut the mittens, sew them & turn right side out the thumb is totally wonky. I made 2 attempts, failed both times, getting stuck on the crap directions that came w/it. Packaged them back up hoping for an email response from the seller...then maybe, just maybe I'll try again.

~the past few evenings...or hours here & there, I have stared at this picture trying hard to imagine HOW that super cute little iPod case was created. I made one attempt so far at how I thought it was made....and well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. WTH? Why is this SO freakin' hard? :) I want to crank a bunch of those out & put them in my Etsy this rate, I would make maybe .01/hour being the crappy/slow sewer that I am.

~i've successfully made two scarves. sold one. (thank you Emily)!! The bummer is that I can't wear mine 'til I lose a few more pounds and can comfortably fit back into my brown leather jacket. I think that scarf will rock with the jacket.

~i have my first quilt back from the quilter-lady. tonight I cut off all the excess batting/fabric so it is officially ready for the binding...the MOST difficult part from what I've heard in the mad-quilting world. LOL. I'm thinking the best fabric to use for the binding will be a solid brown...of course, I don't have any but NONE of the fabrics that I do have will work with it. Bummer!

~i sort of have 2 other quilts in progress...i'm cutting pieces for my "all pink" girly quilt that will be just for ME ME ME. I still need to collect more pink fabrics though so that will be slow going since I don't want to spend $$ right now.

~i did make a good start on a quilt similar to this one though. most of the same fabrics. i just love them - they are so "fun and happy" looking!! can't wait 'til it's finished.


Anonymous said...

I was like that with crocheting. I took a class, it all seemed easy, and then stuff came out crazy. And then nobody actually wore the things I made - the scarf for my mom, then a hat and sweater I spent hours on for my nephew. Thus I still am working on a blanket that I started 5 years ago.

lindsay said...

no beating yourself now about sewing (or running!) :) you are way better than i. i once made a skirt... using iron-on seam! lol. yah can we say tacky?

M.J. said...

Learning a new skill like sewing is never easy, but it sounds to me like you are off to a great start. I would love to learn to sew...maybe in 2010.

CB Mauro said...

Ok, first of all, I LOVE your new Blog header! Secondly, didn't you just start sewing???? Girlfriend, I have been sewing for 5 years and can tell you I still have lots of things that take multiple attempts! Do not beat yourself up! You are doing great and KUDOS- because you are trying some tricky projects, even if you don't realize it. I swear just keep practicing, time and practice, I know not what you want to hear but TRUE! You will be sewing straight line AND curves like a pro in no time!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Oooo - I love that iPOD case! Sign me up for one.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

wow. lots of creative stuff going on! I try sewing every now and then, but i'm never very good at it.

Lisa Michelle said...

I don't sew. I have no sewing machine. The only thing with sewing that interests me is sewing on my scrapbook pages. Other than that, I rely on talented people like you to make sweet awesome things so I can buy them!