Friday, February 19, 2010

all running

~only managed a 3.1 mile run today, but considering that I'm SO not 100% and only on day 3 of my Z-pack meds, I guess I can't be too upset. It's always better than nothing, right? That 6.5 miler last week just felt so good & yielded a sense of accomplishment (1/2 way)...oh well.

~On the bright side, today's run helped me to confirm my running outfit for the WDW race....and I know you were all dying to

~I am going with the new compression shorts, but with the old black shorts on top. They are just so much more roomy and I'm actually thinking about returning those (cute) pink shorts I bought because I just don't think I'll wear them much. The new moisture-wicking socks seemed fine so I'll stick with them. As for shirts, while I'm not keen on the slightly snugger fit of the new v-neck UA tee, I am going to wear it simply for the v-neck feature. I was always pulling down on the round-neck tee and that would be annoying for 13.1 miles! I'm certain that by combining that shirt with my beloved Champion 10+ year old sports bra (with exposed elastic on the edges), which goes down to my belly button & holds in my belly fat (yay!) that I will feel much more comfy in the new shirt. Side note: I wish I could find some new sports-bras of this style, but alas I have had NO luck to date.

~Latest dilemma: the iPod Touch armband to wear while running. I'm not even sure I'll listen to much music since I'll be running (and walking) with Meghan and possibly with Beth, but I'm thinking Beth may be leaving me in the dust?!?! Anyway, back to the armband...I have been contemplating buying one, but when I went into the Apple Store today I almost fell over when I saw that they cost $34.95!!!! Whoa!! That is crazy...especially when I don't think I will use it all that much. When I run on the t-mill, I just set it on the console, no need to wear it. I will look @ Target and WM and see if they have any alternatives, but not sure what I'm gonna do there. It's WAY too heavy to put in my pocket.

~Happy Friday!!! TGIF!!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I have zero to contribute to running so I'm just gonna say TWO WEEKS!!!

Chandra said...

I admire your running regimen. I can only, after 8 mo of running manage to do 4miles without dying..a runner I am not but I do enjoy it.
I would suggest craigslist or Ebay for your armband dilemna...I think I got mine on ebay for half the price you mentioned!

lindsay said...

target/walmart don't have the sports-bra tanks you are looking for?

my bellyfat must hang lower... i need the kind that goes (way) past my belly button to hold the fat in :)

emilysuze said...

You are so hardcore to be running while still sick. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to feel better! I am definitely interested in the WDW race next year =)