Thursday, February 04, 2010


~not too much blogging-mojo going on in my world right now.

~found out today that my dad is going into the hospital Friday for an angio-something-or-other on his kidney to remove the blockage there that is causing his blood pressure to go wacko. he will have a stint put in there. if it doesn't work or cannot be done, he'll have a bypass surgery (kidney area, not the heart). he's worried. I can tell. my (step) sister is driving to his place tonight to stay w/him & take him to the hospital in the morning. he may not make it to E's birthday party on Sunday. :(

~i have 3 regular girls i'm counseling at the high school now. i was supposed to have 8 kids, but alas the "permission slips" never returned. hopefully i'll pick up 1-2 more students over the semester. it's been an enlightening experience already. i knew i had an awesome childhood...but this just re-confirms it...these girls have ISSUES!! Girl 1 has a mom w/breast cancer, takes on the adult roles in her house and puts others before herself (like her loser boyfriend), Girl 2 took back her cheating boyfriend who is leaving for the military shortly...oh yeah and her mom is well, out there. Girl 3 mentioned that she may be pregnant by complete loser boyfriend...oh yeah and she took a test 2 months ago which was positive, then took another which was negative, then went to a doctor where blood was (supposedly) drawn and they told her they couldn't tell if she was pregnant...if you aren't confused now, you're doing good, because I was thoroughly confused after talking to her today.

~thankful for a 1/2 day at the HS tomorrow.

~going on a search for purple, green & orange M& know, to match the Scooby Doo color scheme for E's party on Sunday!

~oh and I entered a football pool for the "big game"...ended up with some pretty good numbers so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

How in the world can the doctors not tell if she's pregnant? I didn't think that was possible. Or is she lying? Or do they think, based on her claim of positive/negative, that she could be miscarrying? I guess you're not really supposed to divulge that.

I hope your dad's procedure goes well and he doesn't need bypass surgery!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon! How cool is that?

My thoughts are with you and your dad - good luck to him.

Funny how we thought our childhood sucked at the time, but looking back we realize how wrong we were. Good luck with the counseling.

Nichole M said...

You're one step ahead of me in the blogging mojo dept... at least you posted!

I'm familiar with your dad's condition and the procedure he's having and the one he'll have if it doesn't work. Please feel free to use me as an encyclopedia/medical de-coder. ;-)