Tuesday, February 09, 2010

planning my escape

~well, maybe not my "escape"...but my next "mental health day" which will occur on Monday if all goes well.

Step 1: call in sick on Monday.
Step 2: drop E off at school.
Step 3: depending on time, proceed to nearest SBUX and relax until 9:30am.
Step 4: begin commute to local scrapbook store.
Step 5: scrapbook all.day.long and chit-chat with the other girlies there.


In other unrelated, but good news:
~i have secured 2 tutoring clients (Spanish) and lessons begin tonight!


Travel & Dive Girl said...

Have fun with your mental health day - it sounds like fun! I'm hoping for a snow storm tomorrow, so perhaps the roads will be too bad for me to drive into work and alas - I will have a mental health day too.

Congratulations on the Spanish lessons.

Christine said...

Everyone should get a mental health day once in awhile! Hope you have a good one.

Thanks so much for checking out my mini book and leaving a comment!

msprimadonna67 said...

Sounds like a GREAT way to spend a mental health day. Hope you have a great time!

lindsay said...

ooh i need one of those :) have fun!!

you teach spanish?! too cool!

em said...

That seriously sounds like a fabulous idea. I need to do that. Too bad our scrapbooking stores are not closer to one another! ;)