Friday, January 04, 2008

~being pregnant~

~I went to the doctor today.

~I now have weekly appts - which stinks since I don't work from home anymore.

~Their earliest appt is 9am - which also stinks because then I don't get to work 'til 10am when I would usually start at 7:30am.

~I was tested for Group B Strep today...standard test..but ick.

~I've had really bad stomach pain for 2 days now - feels like I have knives coming out of my abdomen.

~Initially the doc thought I meant contraction-like pain, but no such cervix is CLOSED so Ethan's not coming too soon.

~All of a sudden just walking hurts, sleeping hardly happens and rolling over is the most excruciating pain EVER!!

~What really stinks is I feel exhausted but laying down isn't very I know why people have told me they sleep in recliners @ the end of pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds like fun I can't wait to get pregnant!

em said...

Knives coming out of your abdomen??? I'm totally rethinking this baby business!

krystyn said...

Thankfully today the knives have subsided...

Nichole said...

I'm glad there are no more knives... sheesh. Home stretch! Then you won't be sleeping for a totally different reason!