Friday, January 25, 2008

~catching up~

~Not much to report over here...still in a holding pattern.

~I really, really, really want to be done being PG but @ the same time I want to finish out this month @ work...we'll see what happens. Next doc appt: Wed, Jan 30th @ 9am.

~O went out of town for work Wed-Fri so mom and I had a slumber party - yay!

~I found 2 jobs @ the university that interest me...I know I wasn't going to apply or pursue anything, but since their hiring process is uber-slow...I went ahead and submitted my resume.

~No weekend plans besides laying around the house and probably some scrapbooking. Still need to finish Operation 4 for Paper Adventure 2008.

~My neighbors across the street are way too kids...ugh! (yes, that makes me feel old)

~I have almost all my tax forms for 2007 and I calculated all the mileage from pet-sitting jobs in 2007...that'll be a nice chunk of change I can write off. Yay!

~See, I told you there's not much going on to bed...goodnight.


em said...

I'm glad you updated! Everytime you are gone for a day or two I start thinking you must be at the hospital!!!

Chele76 said...

happy Saturday! :)

Mary said...

thanks for the update! Hope you have a nice Sunday!!