Sunday, January 13, 2008

~weekend activity~

~First of all, I'm really not ready to go back to work yet, but I guess I don't have much choice.

~I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend, so that feels good.

~I had a few exchanges to make @ BabiesRUs and was able to get the swing and only had to pitch in a few dollars, so that was nice. I put it together last night as well. I also picked up the baskets (at AC Moore) & liners and set them up on the changing table, so we are basically ready to go. I didn't get around to packing my suitcase though. I also cannot seem to decide on what outfits to take to the hospital for Ethan. I'm supossed to take one for pictures and another for going home. I don't plan to buy a 'special' going home outfit though, so it'll just be one of the sleepers that we already have in the closet - I just need to decide.

~My mom came over today and we hung up the last of the decor for Ethan's room and then proceeded to my 'office' and hung up a bunch of pictures that I had stashed in my closet. It definitely gives the room more personality and I love it!!

~I also got quite a bit done on my Hawaii mini-album that I've been working on. You can see it in my Flickr account (link down below on the right).

~I'm loving the Paper Adventure 2008 challenge and cannot wait 'til Tuesday every week now!!! Elise is great...check out her cool!!

~I decorated another mini-album I had sitting around w/pics of O for him to send to his daughter in AZ. It's turning out pretty good and since I had no plans for it, it's perfect to send out to her. I guess that makes 3 scrapbooking projects currently in progress.

~We received pretty much a solid confirmation that O's mom will be coming out in March for hopefully 3-4 wks to take care of Ethan. I'll have to go back to work after 4 wks so it'll be nice to have her here to take care of him instead of having to put him in daycare so young. I'm still having heartache over that. Did I mention all the awesome homecooking we'll be treated too as well? YUM!! I think O is more excited about the food....especially since I don't really cook.

~I have an OB appt tomorrow morning. I'm on 'weekly' appts now which sucks since I'm not working @ home. I'm going to see if my appt next week can be Wed or later so it turns out to be more like 10 days...that'll cut back on appts and (unpaid) time away from work. Since I've had no problems, I don't see why that would be a problem.

~Lastly, I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon...we'll see how this one goes. It's with one of the local radio stations and they need a promotions person. I learned of the opening through my hairdresser. I told them my situation up front and the gal said she still wants to talk to me...hopefully it's not just a 'cover-up'.


Anonymous said...

I bet it's not a cover-up. You're almost due, by the time they interview everybody and go through the hiring process, she's probably thinking if you're the right person they can wait an extra 2-3 weeks for you. Good luck! You'd probably get tons of free tickets to events, cool!

krystyn said...

Ya' never know...she wouldn't be the first person to 'string me along'...

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am going to keep my fingers crossed for you. I think that eventually you will interview with a woman who has been in your shoes, and thus have compassion on you. I say this based on the fact that when I first moved to Florida, NO ONE would hire me because I was from up north. Before you call me crazy, I actually had more than one person say that to me -- that they will take someone who has lived in Florida for a while over someone from the north any day, because people often can't hack it down here & leave. I say that maybe they wouldn't leave if they could get a freaking job but I digress. It finally took interviewing with someone who was from up north themselves & went through the same thing I did to get "my break." So maybe this will be the case now.

Nichole said...

I don't have a lot of pictures around the apartment, but the ones I do have I *love* seeing all the time. There's just something about pictures softening a living space and making it seem more alive... even when real people aren't around.

Can't wait to see what you're working on!

em said...

I hope the job interview goes well! It sounds like a fun job!

Mary said...

good luck Wednesday!!!