Saturday, January 05, 2008

~why me?~

~Today I had a 12pm hair appointment (highlights, cut & some waxing) ...I figured I better get in there now before it's too late and I have NO time to myself...I promptly arrived at 12pm where my wonderful hairdresser - (and I really do love her - she's awesome) is finishing up one lady and when I proceed to her station she tells me she has another haircut to finish up before me. *sigh* I sit back down.

~Fast forward 1 HOUR LATER - it's finally my turn!!!

~I have never had to wait that long for her and I'm not a very patient person. I forgot to take my book too, which really put me on edge. I read 3 magazines while waiting.

~The most frustrating part is I was rushing thru Kohl's prior to the appointment to ensure that I make it on time to my hair appointment...heck I could have shopped 'til I dropped had I known she was running sooooooo late.

~Honestly, I was pretty is Saturday and I don't want to spend my day off sitting in a salon any longer than I need to.

~I walked out at 3:20pm...3 hours, 20 minutes after arriving. *big fat huge sigh*

~You would think my day got better...but nope...the long awaited changing table miraculously arrived last night so O went to pick it up this morning.

~I believe that the folks who manufactured the parts were either (1) blindfolded, (2) high on something wonderful or (3) just plain stupid because we had a gazillion problems putting it together. Oddly enough, we had NO problems assembling the crib (which is bigger & has more parts).

~O had to cut & chisel corners of some of the pieces so they would fit in was strange and I was right there, so I know that he wasn't just being "Tim the Toolman" (you know, from Home Improvement)...this piece of furniture was a disaster.

~2 hrs later - it is assembled and Hula and Milo are testing out the weight capacity - see, cats are good for somethings!!! :-)

~After all that fun, we made a badly needed, yet uneventful (thank goodness) grocery trip to Walmart and now the day is basically over.

~I feel kind of like I got ripped off on my Saturday - I really didn't do anything enjoyable...I hope tomorrow is a better day.

~On the agenda for tomorrow so far is (1) a trip to Babies R Us to get the changing table pad & pad cover (2) hopefully a trip to Best Buy to replace the TV I took back to Target last week and (3) I guess only have 2 things to do tomorrow.

It may not be *that* exciting of a day either I guess...gosh, my life is boring. :-) I know I complained about being single and alone, but I had a whole lot more fun when I was single and not-pregnant.

*disclaimer*-this post has been written (typed, actually) by a hormonal and severely sleep deprived, 8 month pregnant female...she cannot be held accountable for all the whining, bitching & moaning.


Freebird said...

Three hours at a hair salon is nuts. That would put me over the edge too.

em said...

Okay so I know it was a bad day but your post totally cracked me up. My favorites parts were "high on something wonderful" and "cats are good for something"...see even on a bad day you've got a great sense of humor! ;)

krystyn said...

Nora-yes, I agree, 3 hours was TOOOOOO long.

Em-I'm glad I cracked ya' up. :-)

~**Dawn**~ said...

It makes me *crazy* to show up on time for an appointment & be made to wait! Because you know it's not the stylist's fault (most of the time) but other customers not being considerate about showing up on time. For that reason, I make my appointment the first one of the day. Even though that means I have to get up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning, so I can leave by 7:45 for my 9am appointment. That's right -- it's an hour trip to my salon because I have such a hard time finding someone who can cut my hair well.

I am totally LOL at your kitties being the weight-testing the changing table!

Mary said...

so, is it wrong to giggle at some parts? I thought the Tim the Toolman comment was funny, too!! LOL! I'm sorry you had to wait, that is SO FRUSTRATING, esp w/out a book!!

Nichole said...

I got my hair done on Saturday, too! Sorry to hear yours didn't go as well as mine. Ah, Tim the Toolman Taylor... back when writers were working in Hollywood...