Thursday, January 17, 2008

~peer pressure~

OK -first Dawn played, then Nichole, then Chele...and so I had to play along.

How old are you? ugh...don't remind me please!!! 36
Where do you live? in the very UNexciting TN
Last time you listened to Billy Idol? Actually just heard him on the 80s station 2 days ago

How do you like your taters? Baked or Fried
Ever beaten someone up? Um...yes (bad temper I used to have)
Ever gotten beaten up? Nope
Do you consider yourself to be hot? Certainly not right now...and honestly, never really have.

Any tattoos? Yep, just 1 though.
Piercings? Just my ears...not brave enough for anything else. Hey Nichole...I had a keloid too but it was from a deep cut that should have had stitches.
Kids? 1 in the oven, as they say.

How about grandparents? Any of those? I wish...I would do anything for one more day with my maternal grandparents.
Do you shave your legs? Yes, but certainly not as frequently as I once did...not very easy to do right now.

Employed or bum? Employed but on the verge of being a bum.
Ever killed someone? nope...but I've wanted to...sorta.
Ever wear stone wash jeans? Probably, but I really cannot recall for sure.
Worst pain you ever felt? I'm probably going to experience it within the next 25 days...I'll get back with ya' on this one.

What did you last eat? chicken, rice & salad.
Cats and dogs... pets or food? Gasp!! Definitely companions!!
What about fish? Only tuna in the can please.

What about rabbits? They are cute...I wouldn't eat them though.
Use the word "jabroni" in a sentence. Huh?
Use one word to sum yourself up in a nutshell: uncomfortable
Idea you had on a date that you thought was fun but they were bored? Too long ago to remember.
Ever make a complete fool out of yourself? I'm sure I have...just cannot recall a specific scenario.

Ever think that "they" are out to get you? No, no paranoid symptoms here, but I do occasionally feel the world is working against me.


Freebird said...

Is "jabroni" even a word? I'm too tired to look it up.

Anonymous said...

It is a word, and in my head I can hear somebody saying it, and I can see them saying it, but I can't remember who or what or where. Except I think it was tv.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! I just looked it up. Apparently it's italian slang, which didn't tip me off. But it was also used by the Rock! "Know your role, jabroni!" See, my ex used to watch WWF every week. . .I thought I'd erased it from my mind entirely, but apparently not.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Heh. I just think it's funny to hear people use a nonsense word in a sentence. It makes me laugh. Simple mind, I know.

Nichole said...

omg. i'm a total moron. i didn't know what it meant, so I looked it up on mirriam-webster. no match. so i thought it was made up and just put it in a silly sentence.